Good morning everyone!

As I sit here watching the early morning commuters herd themselves onto the train. It strikes me how unhappy everyone looks. Two seats down, a man with tired eyes is focused on his laptop and a gaggle of women on the next table are laughing at the expense of work colleagues not present. Opposite me is a young girl rushing to put on her makeup whilst playing on her phone and standing up is a grumpy looking woman frowning at a larger set gentleman that’s clearly invading her personal space. All these people seem miserable to be going wherever it is they are going.

I wonder how many of you are reading this only to look up and find a similar scene playing out in front of you. Maybe you catch a glimpse of your reflection and realise that you’re one of these unhappy people?

How many of you are already counting down the hours until the weekend?

It’s easy to become a weekday robot; going through the motions of life, waiting of the weekend to arrive so you can truly be yourself. But have you considered that by living for the weekend you’re actually only living 30% of your life!

Go on, get your calculator out, see if I’m wrong! Shocked?

I won’t lie, a long time ago I used to be one of those people, but over time I learnt a few tips to ensure I don’t ever turn into a self-pitying robot. 

Here are my 5 tips to help you feel more human again.

Unplug yourself

At first this will be uncomfortable, especially to those social media and music junkies. Spend a day without your headphones and put your phone away. Only by doing so will you realise there is a ‘real’ world out there waiting to meet the real you!

I try to do this a couple of times a month. The last time I did this, I met a disabled woman called Karen that was coming back from her solo trip from Belgium. She told me about her travels and how she handled those that weren’t used to seeing people like her. I felt humbled and inspired to plan my own adventure.

 Be grateful

No more going through the motions because you can’t see the wood from the trees! Next time you’re feeling hopeless, why not write down your life goals and all the things you’re grateful for and soon you’ll realise that no situation is hopeless. You do have choices and the means to get where you need to be if you’re willing to adapt to change. Sometimes only seeing it in writing can help give you perspective about the type of changes you need to make.

Enjoy the Moment

One of my favourites. Indulge in small pleasures and savour them. Whether it’s inhaling the smell of freshly brewed coffee first thing in the morning or the feel of grass underneath your feet.

Life is made up of lots of little moments; so make them count by doing something that makes you happy!

Acts of Kindness

Building bonds through acts of kindness, you’re actually releasing happy hormones into your system which will make you more open and approachable to others. When people relax, the more you will feel you can be the best version of yourself.

Spend time alone

It’s important to get to know yourself without the noise around distracting you. Some people practice mindful meditation, others prefer to lose themselves in their art and for some, a simple walk in the park is enough.

I cannot stress enough how important this last tip is. If you don’t know who you are then someone else will tell you who you are. You will then become their robot…

I do hope you find these tips useful and please feel free to add your own. It would be great to hear from you!

Have a wonderful week!


Founder of The Birch Hoven Project