Life usually knocked us down as most things doesn’t happened the way we want to. I just experience a failure in applying Scholarship as I really want it badly and had prepared it 1.5 years ago to obtain this scholarship to get my master degree in United Kingdom. Instead of being down I know I can’t just get depressed the whole time but I know there’s always a way if we want it so bad.

I know that if you keep on complaining the whole thing will actually drain off your energy instead of focusing it on something else that could make you do something more productive.

Things might not go the way we always wanted but if that happens, the way we respond to the situation and not complaining will make us even better than we used to be (thinking it like Saiyan from Dragon Ball as they got near death and survived, the stronger they become). I know it seems different since the Saiyans about to die in battles but each one of us got our own battle in our lives and we must deal with it.

Always look on the bright side since it’s the only way when we’re in bad situation, don’t complain since its giving negative vibes to those around you. Everyone faced their own fight and by not complaining, we can focus our energy into doing something more positive and productive.