Allowing our vision to emerge from the depths of our soul is an inspiring, exciting process. Sometimes, though, we get a glimpse of the vision and we become attached to a particular form it should take. Or, we get an idea of HOW we think it will unfold. Then, when it doesn’t take that form or that particular route, we get frustrated and disheartened.

Our dreams and goals can become a mental prison. The attachment to one particular form of our vision, can create inner stress, frustration, and anxiety.

Let me admit it: it has happened to me! Over 10 years ago, I received a very clear vision of my life purpose. Yet, it has unfolded more slowly and in more of a “seeming round-about” way than I had hoped or thought it would.

My goals, at times, became my prison. My inner critic would put me in a mental cage and give me a good beating: “You should be farther along with this. Why aren’t you working hard, faster, and getting results more quickly? Why isn’t it turning out the way you wanted it to?” After the self-torture, I’d feel upset, stuck and like I just couldn’t measure up.

Thankfully, I began to see what I was doing to myself! Once I realized that allowing my mind to do this was unnecessary, I began seeing new ways to view my journey.

The further I go down this path of living my purpose, I notice in retrospect how remarkably the path has been unfolding for my highest good! It certainly has not happened in the way, nor at the pace I had wanted. But, it has deepened me, enriched me, prepared me for serving humanity in a higher and better way than I would have been able to design myself.

Taking our goals and plans too seriously can cause needless stress, can’t it? We can be fierce, determined, persistent AND find joy in the process of learning and growing that comes naturally from the journey of growth and achievement.

Our E.G.O. (Edge-God-Out mind as Wayne Dyer called it) can use our goals — even those of doing things like serving humanity — to imprison us. The good news is: with awareness, we can avoid this mental trap. We can choose to live in the moment like a free, joyful child following our heart every minute boldly, fearlessly and with total trust.

How might your journey feel if you chose this approach?

Originally published at on May 25, 2017. Patricia Omoqui is a life transformation expert. If you need support, reach out via her website at .

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