And there you are, asking yourself and overthinking if it is normal to feel so sad, so alone, so grey. Maybe you think you are too young to feel so dark and lost. But it happens, and it happens to so many of us, even to those you wouldn’say and to those you just haven’t met yet, but remeber that you’ll never truly know what’s going on inside someone else’s body, mind, spirit. And if depression meets you and reverse, it’s time to slow down and reconsider many aspects of you and your life from new and different points of view. You are given a chance, don’t refuse it, live it and you’ll be grateful. Depression comes to say hello, you are not getting married.

Some tips for recovery from taugh periods:

1. Don’t tell yourself you are wrong. You are amazing just for the fact you are unique. Violence is wrong, discrimination, racism, and so on. Being human is never wrong. Feeling weak is nothing to be ashamed of.

2. Don’t fight against your feelings. Express them even when there are days you just cry or stay in bed. In the same way you experienced days where you never stopped for one sec. and you managed a thousand things in a brilliant way – from work to family and friends, gym and dog sitting, payments and shopping – now you will manage you Pause period and you will have a human dialog with your moods and tears.

Grey cold windy days.

3. Don’t refuse help from who cares for you. If you are refusing it, then consider re-reading point 1 and 2 just above. Please. If you think no one cares for you, then depression comes to let you see people from a new perspective and help you select with wisdom. It’s your chance to become wiser. You then should consider yourself lucky to meet depression. As I said, it says hello, it’s not a lasting forever engagment agreement. Totally not that.

4. Express yourself. Don’t bother how. You probably find yourself alone staying at home for a long time, weekends included. It’s okay. But do not throw yourself on the sofa or in bed for all the time. Stay in pijama all the weekend it’s okay, but do something creative. Paint or cook, create new recipes, cut and recompose photographs and images from magazines. Whatever, just let your feelings meet a way of expressing. Everything helps. Let your hands reflect what’s inside of you. Just let them, do not think.

5. Allow yourself some satisfactions, from tiny coffees to more expensive presents, don’t think you don’t deserve gifts. You deserve what you want and if you can afford it then just do it with no thinking and no regrests. If you can’t afford it then you do not need it right now and life tells you need to focus on something else.

6. Experience contact with water. Water has regenerating effects like nothing else. If you don’t like or you are afraid of water and swimming, just have a longer shower than usual. Incense parfum during shower is a must. So relaxing and powerful. Give it (and you) a try.

7. Avoid to identify yourself with your thoughts. Let thoughts come and go, exactly like rain

Rain comes with purification.

Good Listening to yourself.

Thank you for your attention.

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