Saving money is an expensive process. You have to spend valuable time to find the way of saving money.

The time you use to save your money, could better be used to make more money. In the process of saving money, you damage quality of your life. That ultimately jeopardize your happiness in life.

My wife tried to save money by using big efforts. She went after different discount products. She was also using water, heating and electricity carefully in order to save money. By all her efforts, she could save at best 200 USD/month for month. But she was not very concerned to get a job with better salary.

I always asked her to find another job that gave better salary. In the beginning she did not want a job in another city because she did not like commute much. She thought, it took huge time to drive to a working place that is 80 kilometer away.

I explained to her that if she used 1 hour/day more in transport, she could earn 1000 USD more per month. She was using 2/3 hours for different efforts to save 200 USD/month

Eventually, I succeeded to convince her take a job. She gets 1000 USD more in salary. She does waste time going after discount goods. She is fine with commuting other city.

The only one way to improve financially is to make more money.

Saving is not a good way to improve your economy. It never works.

If you do not earn enough money, no private budget, planning etc will solve anything. Saving from little earning is difficult and you can not save enough money little by little in your entire lifetime.

Focus on earning more money. Evaluate yourself and find out what you can do best. Commercialize your competence. Do not follow other. Use your unique ability.

I know from my experiences, there are always way to make more money. The method varies from person to person. The best tip I can give when I know your backgrounds and your strong sides. There are always ways to utilize your abilities more.

I believe, anyone can earn more money if one really focuses on that.

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