Have you ever said that? I mean seriously. When was the last time you said that? (I just said it this morning) 😮

And the truth is, I know you do. You’ve got it. You’re highly capable, and a strong willed person (believe me, I totally GET you). But sometimes life just knocks you upside the head — whether it’s a slow period in your business, your inner critic is starting to act up, or the kids are screaming and you can’t get a moment of peace.

It’s in those moments that our highly capable selves start over-compensating. Working harder. Going to bed too late. Getting distracted. And at a certain point you just want to cry.

If that sounds at all familiar, don’t worry. You’re normal.. and I’m actually not here to give you a lecture about it (thank goodness right!?!) But what I did want to share is how you can use this personal knowledge to help your BBF ideal clients, make the love you, and actually build a reputation of trust, more raving fans (say yes to referrals!), and to actually get a whole different perspective on what selling is ➞ CONSCIOUS SELLING <<<(download the free guide) — that is.

When you understand more about yourself, your ups and your downs, the things that make you react; make your life better, and sometimes tear you down, you gain greater insight into the minds of your BBF ideal clients.


Even traditional businesses are getting the heads up on how to provide care — DEEP, and PURPOSEFUL care for their best clients. A great example was when I was at the hospital they had a new position there — called a “Hospitalist”. Dr Mark Y. Choi — my beloved client advocate — was hired in this new position to oversee all of the doctors and the entire care for each of the patients he is assigned to. In a sense, he’s a patient advocate and organizes everyone so all of the critical pieces of the generic “system” work for each individual patient.

Having him involved was LIFE CHANGING. It changed the way I viewed the entire week I spent there (which could have been miserable without him) and left me with GLOWING REVIEWS of the hospital and the hospital system.

In fact, the best business owners are like this critical piece of the puzzle for your clients. In order to ensure the best results for them, they may hire you for the thing you specialize in, but there are multiple pieces that are involved with their success.

It’s kind of like what I do in my own business. I believe in providing the guidance — even AFTER they are done with working with me — leaving the door open, suggesting vendors and next moves — so that they stay focused on their original end goal and get the best results.

Is that necessary and do all follow my guidance? Maybe not, but to me, it’s a responsibility of a good business owner to do what you can to ensure they get the results they want.

This concept is so life (and business changing, that I developed a wholeteam of Collaborators — for:
Facebook ad
Digital strategy 
Money Management
Spiritual Guidance 
Holistic health & wellness

The lesson?

Don’t be just something for everyone, be EVERYTHING for someone.

And now it’s your turn. To use the Conscious Selling method in your own business. It starts with understanding how your BBF ideal clients think, what they hear when you say what you say, and so much more.

And you’re in luck! Your seconds away from the learning the magical truth on simplifying your entire selling process.

Just download the (free for a limited time) guide, then hop on over to the community and share how you are going to implement this in your own business.

I can’t wait to hear! Because the truth is, I’m kind of OVER the games, the rules, and the status quo business models. They are outdated and quite honestly, why are you trying to fit your genius self into a stuck, outdated, and old system?

Oh — and just in case you missed it, you may want to get started with getting better in tuned with yourself. It takes just 5 minutes a day and will help you in ALL areas of your business — including communicating and attracting your ideal clients.

It’s called The 5 Minute Marketing Journal and it’s not only about simplifying your marketing and helping you become more strategic with your work so that you can achieve better results), it is designed around the principles of positive psychology — to train your brain to be able to spot positive opportunities, towards clarity, opportunities, and all the while contributing to your own self confidence and personal value.

Research shows that language — whether written or oral — has advantages over just thinking thoughts. It makes you more aware of them, strengthening the emotional impact, and increasing your sense of well-being, ability to accept change, and even affect lowering physical pain.

The 5 Minute Marketing Journal will play an important part of training your brain towards grounding yourself with your highest values, your personal goals, and helping you unwire any negative patterns you have.

You will be able to form a process — a system made up of strategic and simplified habits that keeps you accountable to getting the results you want — in your life as well as your business.

Each planner is based on a 30 day goal system. Once a month you will spend 30–45 minutes writing out your business goals, checking in with your progress, and making sure you are staying on course or pivoting as needed.

Then, you have 30 days of genius with the 5 minute a day planner and end-of-the-day check in.There is a VERY LIMITED opportunity to pre-order your copy, to be sent to you in a few weeks for a special low price.

If you’re ready to get conscious, I’ve got your back.HOW TO GET OUT OF YOUR OWN WAY IN LIFE & BUSINESS

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