October 6, 2017 

[loving, raw, unedited]

Everything about President Donald Trump stirs “crazy” and “angry” in so many of us. Some of the things he does and says violate every aspect of our being and what we deem compassionate and humane. So much of how he moves through the world stirs up feelings of fear and uncertainty, lack and loss.

This is how we know he’s a soulmate.

He makes us feel and feel everything deeply.

You see, our soulmates are usually the people who will hurt us the most and cause us the most heartache, angst, discomfort, and pain. They’re supposed to. Soulmates come into our lives to help our souls evolve. Growth isn’t easy and it’s usually painful; we must break down the ego before we can rebuild the soul.

Truth is, you have likely met a handful of soulmates. Each one brought before you to help you grow, offering you the gift of who they are as an opportunity for you to figure out who you are and how you will show up for yourself and your life. 

With Trump, we spend so much time blaming him for who he is, wishing he were different, that we don’t realize the gift he’s giving us to grow closer to ourselves, closer to our Truth, and closer to each other.

We don’t realize the gift he is giving us— to heal.

Now, before you consider me a Trump voter, I will confirm I was not. I was with her.

That said, I have such reverence for this man. Such an affection and a respect for what he has the potential to do for our great world and humanity. Such an appreciation for how crazy he tries to make me and how quickly he’s able to make everyone go a wee bit (or a whole lot) nutty. Imagine this: with a single offensive word or comment, he can make the news media discuss him for hours upon hours upon hours. Or with a simple tweet, he can turn loving, kind people against each other. I have a healthy respect for how crazy he makes us and the power of his words and actions to affect our experiences of life.

And why? How the f@ck?! How can I have a healthy respect, you may wonder?

Because he can change us.

And he can change us quickly AND positively.

If we let him.

He’s giving us the opportunity to raise the vibration of humanity, and not just at a local level or national level, but on a global level. He’s offering us the opportunity to connect to each other, once again; connecting us to the power of the human smile, a simple, kind gesture, and to helping those in need. He’s offering us the opportunity to connect closer to our cultural centers, our ethnic neighbors, human beings on the other side of our borders, and our most vulnerable among us.

With every tweet, every despicable word, every threat or bullying attempt—Every. Last. One—he’s giving us the opportunity to unite about what matters: love, honor, respect, and man’s humanity to man. And because his words and style are so offensive, so brazen – so in direct contrast to what we value on a moral, ethical, and human level – he’s giving us a crash course in growth, ascension, healing and evolution.

He is our soulmate.

And he’s offering us a gift.

We’ve been waiting for someone to come along and change us, someone to teach us how to love again, how to treat each other with more respect, more dignity, more humility.

Here he is.

But we are taking the gift for granted; we are forsaking the gift and we are doing so because we don’t recognize the package the gift is wrapped in.

Truth is, Mr. Trump’s attempts to frighten and divide us are offering us the opportunity to remember how kind, loving and compassionate we really are.

Just like national tragedies bring out the best in humanity, so too can the divisive actions of Mr. Trump.

But, we are spending more time blaming him for the pain and discomfort we think he makes us feel that we are allowing his attempts to divide us to succeed.

We are allowing that which he endeavors to do and that which we fear more than anything to become our reality. We are letting Mr. Trump’s actions dictate how we choose to show up.

So what’s the alternative? How do we recognize and not forsake the gift he’s giving us?

We offer Mr. Trump gratitude instead of hatred, anger, or fear. We offer Mr. Trump gratitude because, dammit, we’re sick of getting triggered and feeling angry or afraid after every attempt he makes to frighten and divide us. We offer gratitude because we deserve to stop giving away the power of our love, our happiness, our compassion and our peace.

And we offer him gratitude because he’s giving us a reason to step into the divide he’s attempting to create. He’s giving us a reason to show up stronger in our compassion for one another and in our capacity to love all people – even those who have beliefs or values that differ from ours.

For every lack of tolerance he displays, we are being invited to offer more tolerance to all.

Those are powerful reasons to offer gratitude, my friends.

We can take our power back.

We can choose gratitude all day, every day.

Truth is, the quicker we get on with feeling gratitude for him and how he moves through the world, the quicker we’ll move on to a more aligned way of being.

Imagine this: For every attempt to divide, we just roll up our sleeves, like soldiers on the battle field, and we help one another more, not because we are in fear but because it is our duty and our honor.

I want us to evolve and learn our lessons so that the test can be over. I want us to hold a safe place for all people, even those who have values or beliefs that differ from ours. 

I want us to realize that all people are here to help us heal – even Mr. Trump.

I want us to heal.

As we heal ourselves, we heal one another.

Let us heal.

With loving grace,

Christina Renée Joubert