Done is Better Than Perfect

I am not and have never been a perfectionist. Overachiever yes, perfectionist no. I see so many groups online for recovering perfectionists. Apparently, it is something to be avoided. Are you trying to be perfect? Does it get in your way?

Action Taker

I am an action taker. It’s nothing I work at, “Baby I Was Born This Way.” Seriously. I am also a vegetarian. I am a vegetarian because I never liked meat and once I was old enough to make my own choices, I stopped eating it. There is 0% sacrifice involved. I simply don’t eat meat because I simply don’t want it. Our children are also vegetarians because my meat-eating husband thinks it’s a better health choice. Over time I have also come to appreciate not eating animals because they are, well, animals.

80% All the Way

I don’t see my clients battling perfectionism but I do see them hiding behind making something “just a little better” before they get out there and start selling. I just need to finish my web site… I just need to get my logo done… I just need to refine my messaging… I just need to clarify my offering… There’s one thing behind all these excuses. FEAR. Fear of rejection. Fear that my business won’t work. Fear that I won’t get any projects. Done is better than perfect and you should always be shooting for 80%. 80% is good enough. I spend a lot of time booting them in the backside and pushing them out the door to go spread their message and sell their services.

A good example inside Billable with Baby® is my blog. I never wanted to be a writer and I don’t love to write. But building a business like this means generating miles and miles of great content. So, like it or not, I am now a writer. I have been writing a blog every week since February 27, 2017 and I plan to continue. You can see them all here. Some of them are great. Others not so much. They average 80%. But I have faithfully published one every week for all those weeks. And guess what? It’s gotten easier. I even enjoy it sometimes now. I try to batch a few at a time to make it more efficient. And when I got published on Arianna Huffington’s new platform, Thrive Global, I was so excited.

90% of Success is Showing Up

I believe that 90% of success is showing up. Sure, you have to be smart and have a good attitude but these will not help you if you don’t show up. I believe that if you show up all the time and add a heaping scoop of “fake it ‘til you make it”, you are pretty much guaranteed to succeed.

In addition to writing, building Billable with Baby® requires showing up in video. ARGH! Video??? Do you know how hard it is to get used to seeing yourself on video? SO. HARD. You need a special camera and a special microphone and special lights, right? WRONG. Sure, there are professionally shot and edited videos out there but after watching bunches of them, I realized I preferred the less perfect, more realistic videos. And there went the last of my excuses…

I did my first Facebook Live (that I didn’t delete) on September 6, 2017 and I have been showing up ever since. Sometimes on Facebook Live and sometimes recording then sending or posting my videos. I do have a decent camera and microphone. I still need better lights and a better backdrop. And don’t forget the make-up consultation. Or better yet, make that a plastic surgeon…

So, show up, take action and always remember DONE IS BETTER THAN PERFECT!

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