“Close to 800 000 people die due to suicide every year, which is one person every 40 seconds.” – WHO | Suicide Data

Such a huge figure, what is this depression so strong to kill many innocence out there? 

“Depression is defined as common but serious mood disorder. It causes severe symptoms that affect how you feel, think, and handle daily activities, such as sleeping, eating, or working.” – NIMH

Crying heals sadness they say, but do you know most of the depressed people had no idea why they can cry? At times, they have no idea why they cant stop crying.

It is an uncertain situation for those who are suffering from depression. They feel empty, they lose interest, they needs time alone, they cut down all activities and all they do is just sleep. They even lose appetites.

The feeling is never comforting for depressed people. Of course, other human who are concern on depression tend to help these victims. But these are the few questions to avoid asking them.

The reason is even how concerned we can be, but these questions will make them to shut the door and avoid us fully. They will never see us trying to help them.

First, do not ask them to stop thinking!

If it is possible they would have. We dont know how hard they have been trying not to. They wish they could stop thinking, but only if they did then we wouldn’t need to been there to comfort them, fair?

Second, do not ask them to forget things!

Their mind is cluttered, too much of things running in their mind. They wish they could remove their head and live. Sad truth, they cant. In the midst of struggle, dont ask them to forget things.

They really wish they could forget things and live happily.

Third, do not ask them if they didn’t talk to you.

Despite all the pain, all they do is to find a solution or immersed in the emptiness. Yes it can be annoying when loved ones stay silent, but if they are suffering from depression, never force them to talk.

Be good listener, do not advise and at the same time dont force them to talk. They will open up when the time comes. Till that shower them with enough love.

If your close friend, family member or loved ones are suffering from depression, try your best to be with them. Always ask their permission, would they like to have you there or they need some space.

Bring them for regular check up, bring them to get into nature. 

Mother nature heals any kind emotional and mental sufferings. Remember, they are not avoiding you, they wish they could avoid whats happening inside them.

Lets love each other and ourselves, beat depression. 


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