Change is the only constant in life as Heraclitus said. I can no longer count the number of people I’ve come across in my life who are simply afraid of change. Yet, they don’t know they are. Change is terrifying.. It’s thrilling.. You feel you’re losing control. But that’s the best thing about it because it’s pushing you out of your comfort zone. If you feel you have nothing to change or improve it’s because you’ve reached the limit: time to sit down and watch Netflix for your whole life or just take a rest and get back to business. Your call. That’s how highly successful entrepreneurs work. Only because they’ve understood the power of change.

Change is your dear friend telling you that there’s something better ahead if you look for it. Why did it come knocking at your door you ask? Well, it didn’t. If it’s there, it’s only because deep down inside you, your soul knows your true worth and what you actually really want and desire. You threw out the invitation.

It will happen at all stages of your life.. Work, business, love, friendship and more importantly yourself. When it comes, always take some time, breathe deeply and think about it. What is it that I can change or need to change? What will change if I change? How can I manage it? Then you do it. If it’s not you initiating the change, just welcome it.

So many big businesses worth millions if not billions have failed in the early 2000. Only because they refused to accept the change that was coming: the Internet that was taking the world over. They did not modify their system and today they no longer exist because they still work with a fax machine.

When I tell you that it applies to every step of your life I mean it. Let’s say you failed to embrace the change in communication of sending messages via WhatsApp/Viber/Telegram on a new generation smartphone that’s always connected to the internet on which you can call for free and check on all your friends and family on Facebook (it’s a long sentence on purpose). Where would you be right now with your A4 paper, pen and stamp?

I hope this chapter finds you well in this special time of COVID. So many things need to change.

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