Boost Workplace Productivity

No wonder one can say a straight “No” to work in office. All this is because of the low morale but you can help your team in boost up the confidence in six easy steps.

Your employees are your greatest asset. You may not be able to list them in your accounting books but they are the virtual backbone of your business. Providing them a safe and healthy environment is important to boost their productivity levels. A lot of successful companies have multiplied their annual revenues by focusing on the productivity levels of their employees.

Most of us never realize that making small changes in daily habits help drastically improve productivity levels. Working on efficiency allows you to get more quality work in the minimum possible time. All of these benefits seem lucrative but one needs to be considerate of the efforts required.

 Here are the top 6 ways to boost productivity levels in the workplace.

1. Provide A Stress Free Working Environment

Stress is one of the most daunting obstacles for productivity. Modern workplaces are continuously learning new ways to remove the cues for stress. Employees are being encouraged to learn new methods to cope with it.

The annual estimated losses due to workplace stress are more than $300 billion. Several factors can add up to stress such as workload, lack of job security, and personal problems.

Encourage workplace wellness in your employees. Create an environment where wellness is talked about. Set aside some time for group walks during the lunch breaks. Exercise not only reduces stress levels but improves cognitive skills in the longer run.

Make sure the workplace has healthy eating options. A recent study found that about 83% of the employees feel that healthy snacking options in the office are a huge perk.

If you want to make the most out of your staff members, be flexible in the work hours. Allow remote working every once in a while so they work in their most productive and comfortable space.

2. Consider Delegations

The division of labor has benefited the human race since the beginning. Your workplace can only work at its best if you have assigned functions to everyone. The term delegation is defined as “Delegation is the assignment of any authority to another person (normally from a manager to a subordinate) to carry out specific activities”. It is a core concept in modern management leadership.

It comes with an element of risk but the responsibility is important for morale. Bu putting your trust in them you are preparing them to work at their best. It allows your employees to gain leadership skills. Finding the best person to do the job is your most important job!

3. Create Employment Development Programs

If you want your staff to work at their best potential, help them to discover it. Create employment development programs that engage your workforce. You can focus on certain training to increase their skills. A simple personality development training course can go a long way.

Identify the staff members who are keen to learn and excel. Provide them the educational support and career development assistance. When a person is sure they are thriving in a competent yet supportive environment they can work at their best.

4. Pay Attention To Safety

Learning the greatest examples of the past can teach us valuable lessons. When it comes to safety, here is a classic example of the Aluminum Company of America or Alcoa. It is the world’s eighth-largest producer of aluminum.

In 1986, mistakes at the hands of Alcoa’s management had pushed the company in losses. At that time the company hired a new CEO, Paul O’Neil. He was the former government bureaucrat. A lot of people were concerned about the share rates at that time.

The new CEO focused on a single factor, safety. He ensured that this highly unsafe industry should produce zero injuries. It seemed a bit over obsessive behavior to market analysts at the beginning. Within one year of the new leadership, the profits were record high. What is so important about safety that it changes the whole game?

As the employees walked into the workplace, they knew they were entering a safe place. They worked at their best. Moreover, the company wanted to reduce the injuries to zero so they kept replacing the faulty apparatus, modifying the unsafe practices until they reached the level of perfection.

Everything set in place, the productivity levels boosted but not without the revenues. I quote this old example because the focus on safety changed the entire scenario within as little as 12 months. It is worth remembering and focusing on.

5. Get The Best Tools And Equipment

Providing the best tools and equipment is one of the most trusted ways to improve productivity. Thanks to ever-evolving technology we have the most efficient equipment than ever. Invest your money in getting them and training your workforce. You are well on your way to success. 

6. Set Realistic Goals

Goal management is a crucial part of leadership. If you are setting unrealistic goals, there will be a disappointment. This negative feeling feeds insecurities and incompetence. Make sure you are setting realistic goals for progress. Provide a happy, healthy, and progressive environment to your staff members.

Every workplace is unique and so are the expectations of the employees. Design a unique plan for your workplace and make sure you are including your staff members in the plan. There is always room for improvement. New challenges are waiting for you. Practice positive reinforcement for a productive workplace.