I’m gradually coming out of that delicious sleep that only happens shortly before waking.

“What time is it?” I ask.
“Almost 7:00” 
answers my hubs.
“Oh wow, the darkness fools me.” 
I reply.

The sun rises late in our region of the world.

“The darkness fools me.”

In my barely wakeful state, I think, “Wow, isn’t this a true statement for life? The darkness fools us.”

It was dark in my bedroom, and still quite dim outside, but at nearly 7:00 am, we were well into the morning. Just the day before I was speaking with a man who starts his work at 4:30 am.

It was certainly morning, but the darkness would rather fool me to think it’s still nighttime, still time for sleeping.

What form does darkness take to fool you?

Beliefs that you’re not good enough? Or that you’re better than others?
Too fat, too thin, too dark, or too light?
Thoughts that your youth gives you power or that your age has stolen it?
Doubts if you were born into the right family, a bad neighborhood, an inconvenient era? Or, that you deserve a certain amount of respect due your station in life?
Are you too ugly or too plain to have what you want? Or misunderstood because you’re too pretty or too exotic?
Not smart enough, or so smart people can’t relate to you?
The label of a victim? A rebel? A boss? A nobody?
Fear that you cannot heal or that your health is destined to decline?

It’s all darkness, and it’s fooling you.

Darkness is an illusion.

There’s no substance to darkness. Darkness is merely an absence of light. There’s no wave of darkness that can enter a room when you open a door.

Likewise, there’s no substance (truth) to the various forms of darkness that have haunted you. No matter how convincingly it’s appeared in your life, darkness is fooling you.

Darkness is the absence of Light.
Despair is the absence of hope.
Fear is the absence of faith.
Sickness is the absence of balance.
Discord is the absence of harmony.

In the end, it’s all an absence of Love, and forgetting that Love is who you are. The darkness has fooled you, only because you forgot the truth of who you are.

You are Divine. You are made in the image and likeness of the One.

There’s a being in your human, and that being is divine perfection.

Your Being is the still small voice within you.
It’s the part of you that can never lose its connection with your Creator.
It’s your Creator and your Creator is you.
It’s universal. It’s in all of us. No one has more or less of it.
It never fatigues, it has the answers when they’re needed, and it’s as solid as the depths of the ocean.
Being is your Light, and it’s the Truth that opposes the darkness. You Are: A Poem of Truth.

When darkness fools you, you’re operating from your ego instead of from your being.

Operating from the ego leads you to believe competition, comparison, defensiveness, and pain are necessary.
The ego takes offense, plots, schemes, fears, and fights.
It convinces you to give more weight to the material world than to the spiritual domain.
It manifests false evidence to make its claims seem real.
It leads you to label and make judgments.

Darkness looks convincing. That’s how it fools you.

The darkness in my room this morning was convincing. It couldn’t possibly be time to get up.

When humans act out with ugliness or hate, that looks convincing too. How can Good hold all power when we see so much of the opposite around us?

Don’t let it fool you. Turn on the Light. Act as if you are nothing other than divine perfection. Treat others as if they too are nothing other than divine perfection. The more you demonstrate the “being” in your human, the more evidence you’ll see of it all around you.

If I had been fooled by my dark room to think it was still night, I would have acted as if it was still night. I’d have continued to sleep.

Counter the darkness with truth.

It was dark at 7:00 am today, but I knew the truth was that it was morning, so I acted like it was morning. I got up and I went about my day.

What would your life look like if you lived your life knowing that the darkness holds no truth and no power over you? What would you be capable of? How would you feel?

Whatever forms darkness uses to fool you, tell it to get lost. Affirm with confidence that the Universe loves and supports you, that God is Good, and that we all are made in the image and likeness of God, and therefore, Good.

When you think you see darkness, turn on the Light.

You deserve genuine and lifelong happiness, the type of happiness that can’t be taken away from you no matter what sort of craziness is happening in the world. Read my book, Happy Ever After. We can all use that right now.

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