Our mind often seems to have the upper hand.  It’s incredibly talented in how it occupies and manipulates our time with thoughts that are often vicious, demeaning, degrading.  And let’s be honest, when an endless loop like that keeps playing in our head, it’s hard to escape it or deny it.  We are no match for this verbally skilled opponent who can pound us daily into self doubt.  Eventually, we may concede that “If the mind thinks it, it must be true.”  

Really?  Just because it says so?  Since when do you let someone else rule your life?  Since when have you relinquished control to pesky “thoughts”?  Since when do you not have an opinion of your own?

Make a choice.  Make a decision.  Choose to plug in a new tape to listen to that showers you with positive affirmations.  Decide to work on believing only good things about yourself.

As soon as we choose to make decisions -regardless of how small – certainty, truth, calm, and peace will all show up.  Making decisions relieves anxiety and gives us purpose.  It creates forward momentum and reminds us that “I am not and I will not remain hostage to the ego, living/waiting in suffering and pain, but instead I will be host to God – free, inviting joy with each step I take.”