Have you ever thought….
“I’m the only one who gets it right, so I may as well do it myself.”
“I like it a certain way, so I’ll just do it.” 
“There is no one else that can do it.”

If you’re like most people, you’re looking for a little extra white space in your calendar. Your solution is to delegate a task or two; the return on investment is worthwhile for you and the person charged with the task.

Here’s your guide to get it done:

1.) Select an easy task without major consequences. A task that will lighten your work load and can be completed by someone else.

2.) Choose the right person for the task. Someone with a track record or known skill set which will be a good fit for the task. Delegation provides positive impact for you and others. It offers the individual an opportunity to learn new skills, build confidence and gain the experience of workplace camaraderie.
And you, reclaim some time in your schedule. 

3.) Provide the necessary instruction or training required to complete the task.  Be specific and measurable in the goal expectations and timelines.

4.) Let it go. Give the individual full responsibility to complete the task without hovering which will foster accountability and trust.

5.) Provide constructive feedback for future improvement and give thanks for the work completed.

Delegating is not easy to do but it can make your life easy when you do it.