Lucky Gupta is a well-known Internet celebrity from Jodhpur, He is also the biggest influencer in the dist. He was awarded two times as Best influencer of the year award. Lucky is also famous for his writing and knowledge of Digital solutions.


When Lucky was awarded the best influencer of the year award for the first time, he gave his winning speech, He said “Don’t focus on your haters, focus on people who love you”, and shared his story of motivation. He quoted that It’s not easy to influence the audience with your thoughts, Fame comes with both positive and negative thoughts, With sharing his experience, he said “I got many followers but not every follower is my fan”, Most of them just trying to spread hate and negativity but I believe that haters make us more popular.


My journey was started when I was born, I always wanted to be noticed by people and I achieved it but It’s really difficult for me because when you got fame and followers, You got responsibilities too, He quoted, “Fame comes with a lot of Responsibilities”, You have to know what right and wrong for them, You have to be always right and not to fear to share the truth.