Don't forget the memories

Try all you can but those memories will never fade away.

Till your last breath, even when the details of your past have faded, the feelings that you felt would remain afresh in your conscious.

Memory is life. And life is a memory.

It sucks! And what sucks even more is the fact that life is really an experience of small moments put together in a straight line of one single memory. You cannot escape or put a pause on this memory.

So, stop going against the wave. Stop spending energy on forgetting your recollections. It’s impossible. You’ll be fighting a lost battle.

Instead, embrace the consistency in that never-ending memory as a part of your ever-going journey. And those moments in that memory that you don’t like: forgive them.

Forgive all the moments that were not so kind to you.

Accept all that has happened with how they happened. And please, please, give up your hope for a better past.

“Forgiveness means giving up all hope for a better past.”

Once you embrace all those moments a part of who are you — instead of trying to erase them — you will feel much at ease. Because you would finally stop battling something that you’ll never win. Because that is when you will be completely ready to let go and welcome the next moments.

Often we look for some mythical tricks to “move on” “let go” “be at peace”. But in reality, the answer to all these remain close to home and too common to care. Don’t forget the memories — you can’t. Just forgive the moments. And everything else will fall into place. Promise.