This may be the most important post I write all month long. 

There is a promised land that is meant for you…. 

Some people would call it your DESTINY. The calling you were meant to live.  The impact you were meant to have. The prosperity you were meant to experience. The people whose lives you were meant to touch. The legacy you were meant to leave on this planet. 

Yep, I believe in that 100%. 

I believe there is always a path to our highest and best available to us in every moment. But the reality is, not everybody will go down that path. 

In fact, probably 95% of people will never even explore that path at all. Most people keep it in the realm of fantasy and settle for something in the meantime that feels more “realistic,” and before you know it, that has become the rest of their life. 

Here’s the truth I want you to face today: 

The promised land is yours, but that doesn’t mean you enter it automatically. That is a choice that is up to you. 

God has already given you absolutely everything. But YOU have to rise up and claim it. So I want to ask you today…. 

Are you living in the promised land? 

Because I’ve noticed a trend this year – specifically in our world of online leaders, coaches, CEOs, & entrepreneurs… many people are stuck in the wilderness. 

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If you’ve never seen the Prince of Egypt and don’t understand the metaphor I’m using here, I’ll do my best to explain it right now. 

The wilderness is the place you get stuck BEFORE you enter the promised land. 

You were never meant to stay there. It was never supposed to be a final destination.  It was never intended to be your destiny. But many people get stuck in this exact place – wandering around in cycles that seem to last forever. 

How does this happen? 

Because even though it is not your destiny, the wilderness is also not a horrible place, and before you know it, you have decided it is GOOD ENOUGH. 

You’ve reached a certain level of success. Many people are already jealous of you in this place. 

On the surface, it seems like everything is fine. You are making money. You are serving people. You are doing things in the world. It’s not that you’re in a bad place…. 

It’s just not the REAL dream. 

And you know it deep down, which is why you progressively are feeling more: complacent, indifferent, apathetic, bored, uninspired….

And before you know it, weeks, months, even years have gone by. 

And you are still wandering around. No real progress. No real momentum. No real joy.  The thought of your destiny has almost fully left your consciousness, and you have made settling a way of life. 

You are choosing to live in the wilderness. 

Some of you hit a plateau and reached this point earlier this year, and you’re just realizing it for the first time now. 

Some of you have been wandering in the wilderness for several years now.  Some of you are about to get stuck there, and this is post is your warning and wake up call. 

Don’t stay in the wilderness when you were meant for the promised land.  Besides the fact that the wilderness is a comfort zone,
why would we choose to live there? 

Why would we willingly choose to wander around in circles aimlessly? Valid question with a crucially important answer. 


We are scared we’re not going to make it to the promised land if we try …. 

Then we’re scared that if we make it, we won’t be good enough to stay there….  And we’re scared because if we do stay there, who will we even be with such a glorious life? 

It’s all scary to our ego. 

As the Hebrew story is told …. People got a preview of the promised land, and the majority opinion is that it was full of giants, giants that were too big and scary to deal with. 

So let me ask, what are your giants? 

What is stepping you from truly going ALL IN? 

  • worrying about what family and friends will say if you actually show up as your true self in the world 
  • not sure how you’re going to cope with loss of privacy, change of lifestyle, and everyone from crazy fans to crazy haters 
  • Feeling like it’s taken so much work to get here, and the thought of having to work even harder to go to the next level is horrifying (when that’s not actually necessary!) 
  • not trusting your biggest ideas enough to bring them to life 
  • the pressure of having to sustain massive success and not let it all fall apart, causing you to lose everything and disappoint people.
  • terrified that you can’t actually make as much money doing what you really love and are most passionate about 

I could go on, but you get the point. 

We all have our giants. 

Giants that give us excuses to not show up as the 100% aligned version of our true self. 

And that’s an absolute tragedy. 

No, I’m not being overdramatic. 

Because in the fullness of being 100% your true self, you get 100% of what you truly want. And when you withhold that from yourself,
you withhold from yourself your very destiny. 

Which brings us back to the wilderness. 

I’m not saying you’re not making money there. I’m not saying you’re not working hard there.  I’m not saying it looks bad to the world for you to be there. 

I’m simply echoing a truth that your soul already knows. 

You are living somebody else’s version of success – NOT the life that was intended for you. It’s time to leave the wilderness. It’s time to be brave. 

It’s time to enter the promised land. 

I promise you there is more:
– peace
– money
– happiness
– fulfillment
– success
waiting for you in the promised land than there ever will be in the wilderness. Don’t get stuck somewhere that is not your home. 

It’s time to RISE UP into the fullness that is your birthright.