I don’t need to point out the darkness that’s been in our news lately. There’s been a lot of it.

Today I was feeling the heaviness of it all. It was a physical feeling in my body. A heart ache.

I stepped away from the computer to take a little walk in my yard, and I prayed as I walked.

“God, please forgive us. We continually disappoint you, and you love us anyway. Humans can be real *%#&@s.”

God wasn’t going to let me get beyond that thought. It was instantly interrupted with a reply,

“Don’t give up on the goodness of humans.”

We expect them to be complicated, but spiritual answers are simple.

Darkness is loud and shocking. It fuels itself by the attention our human egos give to it.

It’s hard to ignore, and easy to be aghast by the ugly examples of darkness.

When we think the answers to darkness have to be just as loud, or complicated we miss the point. It leaves us feeling enraged, angry and ready to fight or powerless, and helpless to do anything about it.

The world can’t afford for any of the workers-for-good to give up. When we get discouraged, it only makes the darkness feel stronger.

We all were created in the image and likeness of Good. That can never be lost. So don’t ever give up on the goodness of humans. See it. Fight for it.

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