You wake up in the morning very peaceful until your mind suddenly becomes aware that you should go to work. You begin to have racing thoughts and feel your blood rushing through your veins. You ask yourself when did your start hating your job, a job you used to be passion about and love all about it. Oh, yes, it was the time when your company decided to promote jerks, incompetent, mediocre and closed-minded people.

The newly promoted killed your passion, your productivity and your sensitivity and you end up cursing them every moment of the day. They thrive in a culture where there is no morale, no spirit and no compassion. Those kinds of managers/superiors breathe behind your neck and think you will be more productive if you are stuck in your chair 8 hours a day or even more. They do not understand that working longer hours does not ensure higher productivity; instead you end up working inefficiently.  These kinds of people usually do not recognize your contributions, expressing their appreciation is not their thing and they do not trust you can do the job you are hired to do. Being a true Leader is way beyond them.

In fact working smarter is the ability to be productive and efficient when working towards your goals, rather than looking and feeling busy and out of time.

The problem with these kinds of Managers is they lack Emotional Intelligence. Those soft skills, that are mostly needed nowadays to make the work environment a nice place to work, and not only. They fail to take into account other people emotions and end up hurting their subordinates by treating them very bad and when they are treated this way by their superiors somehow it is unfair to them. And let’s not talk about that co-worker who can’t live without snitching on their colleagues. Even when you sneeze your boss gets informed or the times you try to make a phone call to your loved ones, or the times you get out of the office just to breathe air because it is very toxic environment in there.

Well, enough with the jerks in the workplace. We have a life after work hours. We have kids, a husband, who does not deserve us to vent at them every time work is stressing us out. We become aware of that only when we lie down in bed and reflect about our day. It is not fair we receive this stress in the first place, it is not fair we are transmitting it our loved ones and in the end you end up searching for a new job because you want to makes ends meet.

That reminds me of a great saying People don’t leave jobs, they leave toxic environment”

and in the end

Spend more time with people who bring out the best in you, not the stress in you”.