Imagine the Possibilities, Let go of Fear

FEAR. It’s that 4-letter word that some of dread, or some of us use as power. Which is it for you? When you see the word FEAR, how do you feel? Ask yourself is it holding me back or propelling me forward?  Do I have all the things in my life that I want, is there resistance, am I diving in and feeling uncomfortable? Fear can be different for all of us, I am here to help you see 3 ways to let go of fear and to use it as motivation to get what you want.

First is Confidence, we must feel confident in ourselves, it’s that old saying “feel the fear and do it anyways!” It’s exactly that! Feel the feelings of it and move on. Don’t give fear a place to linger or it will stay. Hello fear, see ya later!  

Do you feel resistance when making this decision, if so that’s a good thing! Say what? That’s right, resistance is an indicator of an internal conflict or set of beliefs that we need to shift, and to do this we need to dig deep. I love when I feel resistance because I know it’s something I need to work on and once I do things get easier and I get what I want. Ask yourself, where you feel resistance and see what comes up. We can feel afraid, or we can feel confident, we have the choice. So, which will you choose? 

Second, is to go with the flow. Sometimes life doesn’t happen as we plan, and that’s ok. Go with the flow and you will start to notice its easier that way. I am a firm believer that life happens as it should, whether we see it that way or not. Trust the process and see how it goes.   

Third, is dealing with the worst-case scenario. To let go of fear, we need to ask ourselves if we can manage whatever we feel the worst case is. Let’s remind ourselves we can all manage the worst case with support. I learned to let go of fear after my dad passed away suddenly. Here’s the thing, don’t wait for someone to pass away to let go of fear, do it now.

You see fear is nothing other than a feeling waiting to be used, so how are you going to use it? We can use fear as motivation to get what we want, or we can let fear hold us back from amazing opportunities and possibilities! Fear can be our friend. Imagine what it would look like if we stopped being afraid and instead harnessed that same energy and use it as motivation! Let go of fear, and watch the magic happen.