We’re at that time of year again, marking the end of an old cycle and the beginning of a new one. It’s said that every 6 in 10 people are inspired by this opportunity to begin again and will set resolutions.

Here in our modern day western culture we seem to be oriented towards setting goals for healthier habits around lifestyle, money, and relationships or are looking to learn something new.
My eyes are wide open to the fact that we are being bombarded by marketing messages designed to affirm any subconscious beliefs we may have that something is broken about us, while overtly selling us the highly coveted solutions that supposedly fix our problems.
Although there are many high quality programs and services out there designed to support you on the quest for your best life, in truth, so much of what we see is only feeding our addiction to consumerism rooted in the fear of “not enough-ness”.
So, with that said, and as a huge advocate for doing what lights you up inside, I haven’t come to provide you with a suggestion for a temporary fix or give a motivational rally cry in an attempt to force something that’s unnatural for you.
My intention is to empower you with practical advice that can help you break through any fear based beliefs standing between you and your highest outcome.

As well as teach you how this brilliant idea of setting and working on achieving goals is much older yet more mysterious than one would think,


1. educating you on the historical facts (as I currently know them to be) around this subject of setting and reaching goals so you can be prepared for the journey ahead and yields ideal results.

2. sharing uncommon knowledge around the hidden higher meaning of this auspicious time regarding the old new discoveries about our potential for Spiritual growth.  

I promise, these fresh insights are going to turn your head around. (not in the poltergeisty possessed kind of way ;p) I mean it to be in the best way possible!    

Enjoy a nice cuppa tea, grab a pen and paper to take note, and let’s begin!  
Did you know….
According to research on the topic,  88% of people say they believe that individuals create their own reality. Yet, statistically speaking, of the people who pursue goals, the vast majority (92%) don’t actually achieve them.  (most will give up before February)  
So why do only 8% of people reach their goals?
We all have the same capacity to achieve success based on our actions and behaviors (this is how our personal reality takes form).

What this statistic suggests to me is that 92% of goal getters are STUCK in the place behaviors originate – an old mindset – which looks a little something like this….

  • Distrusting of others or change
  • Chronic negative thinking (lacking creative use of imagination)
  • Doubt in themselves, no plan or no confidence in a plan
  • Are afraid to fail, so don’t go ALL IN on their commitment to achieve the goal
  • Fear of the change that success will bring
  • Are trying to achieve success for the ‘wrong’ reasons
  • Lacking mental and physical resilience
  • Exhausted from the effort, no accountability = quit when it gets too difficult

*Take a moment to mark the top 3 patterns above that closely reflect what you’re most challenged with.

Historically speaking….
More than 4k years ago, the ancient Babylonians were known to celebrate every new year with intentions to pay off debt, return borrowed objects, and remain loyal. 
Over 2k years ago, Caesar tinkered with the calendar to make January the first month of the year. Which was named after a two faced god, Janus, whose spirit inhabits doorways. One face looks back while the other faces ahead towards the future. The Romans made “sacrifices” to this deity (resolutions)to honor the new year. 
Which means that this time of inner reflection for outer renewal isn’t just a quirky part of our modern day lives, but it has ancient roots meant for a more meaningful life.

art credit: Alex Grey – Vajra Being Lenticula

::: Uncommon woo-knowledge alert :::
There’s a deeper meaning to life encoded within us that is activated at this time of year.
Science has discovered, embedded within the genetic codes for our basic life functions, a natural beginning and ending to an instruction sequence. 

In a similar way to how one would capitalize the first letter of the first word in a sentence to denote the place to start, while ending with a punctuation mark.  When the body reads what’s known as our start / stop codons, it acts on the instructions that follows. 

On the physical level, 3% of DNA accounts for the set of instructions to build proteins at any time throughout the year. So obviously, that’s not what makes this time is special.
However, according to the wisdom found in our ancient oracle known as the iChing, as well as the more modern day teachings – the Gene Keys – it’s what’s found in our non-coding “Spiritual DNA” (formerly known as junk, making up more than 97% of our DNA) that’s said to contain the keys to access more of the unlimited potential of our Spiritual nature. 
Just like we can chart the movement of constellations in the heavens, you can mark your calendar by this oracle to determine many insights, including transitions into these natural endings and beginnings, set to be triggered each mid-January (for now).
Because of this yearly transit, everyone is given an opportunity to truly renew oneself by elevating consciousness with a little extra support from the heavens. Which is why I believe we’re unconsciously driven to reflect on our desires before moving forward.

Even if we don’t decide to act on them, an opportunity is always there for us.
This is an Archetypal part of us that we’re growing into. It has its own yearnings, its own mission, its own way of seeing and responding to the world within and around it that’s paradoxically familiar but different from your old self. Embodying this part of you may even shift your mindset to see how it’s possible to overcome tough obstacles.  

If you’re feeling pressured to make a personal change, maybe it’s NOT because something is wrong with you, but rather that something more is wanting to be expressed through you and requires you to surrender. 

If you dare to defy the odds and transform your life, the following are a few insights into the success secrets of the top 8% of achievers, as well as my tips for aligning with your true nature.
Top 4 habits of the most successful goal achievers…

1) They set goals that are

  • specific
  • challenging but not impossible
  • and in alignment with a higher overall vision

2) They’re committed to the outcome, not just “interested”

  • the vision should excite and inspire you

3) They’re open to feedback & being held accountable

  • working with a trusted advisor or coach

​​4) They avoid multi-tasking

  • trying to do too many things at once drains your energy
  • focus on one thing at a time / bite into small chunks that lead to the bigger vision

Tony Robins once said, “People over estimate what they can do in a year, and underestimate what they can do in 5.” So don’t feel like a failure if you don’t see the fruits of your efforts right away.
Bigger than setting a new year resolution, make this year an opportunity for you to reset the clocks and begin again with intentions to embody your most magnificent version of your TRUE self.

It’s common to upgrade our phones, our operating systems, our appliances, even wardrobe…why not upgrade your life? What if, instead of settling back into your old pattern this coming new year, you were to activate your dormant potential?
I’m not suggesting to be like someone else, maybe just more true to your Self.

Use this time standing at the doorway with Janus – to reflect on your experiences this past year. Acknowledge the difficult challenges you faced, the big lessons you learned, and wisdom gleaned.
First) Ask yourself:

  • What old patterns or unhealthy habits are you ready to transform?

Next) consider what you want moving forward with what matters most in life.

  • What do YOU want to create for 2020?
  • What skills will you need to develop so to reach these goals?

If you want to open up to what’s possible, you can use my easy to follow ENViSiONEERING process 
An ENViSiONEER does three things: 

  1. creatively visualizes the potential future,
  2. thoughtfully engineers life by Divine design,
  3. courageously sets off on an adventure to discover new lands as a pioneer.

Let me help you get started building a strong foundation to achieve your goals this year as I walk you through my ENViSiONEERING process to help you get from struggle to freedom.

This is automatically sent right to your inbox for free when you register at www.ShawnaPelton.com.

It’s a great starting point for setting yourself up on your path for success. Try it for yourself, then let me know what you plan to do with your upgraded life!

Cheers to you on a journey of Self-Actualization!  

With absolute faith in your ability to be transformed! 
xo – Shawna Pelton