My elder niece once used this phrase on her share status bar on one of her chat messengers. I loved it that’s why I still have it in mind. 

I wonder why we always try to fix things our way, wherever we have control or where we have the least resistance expected. We keep on hammering our ways and thoughts onto others, specially on the children. We forget that we do not own them they are not our property. Being responsible does not mean that the guards and the watchmen have the right to fix the building and the property they are protecting, according to their own easy way.

Every person is born with a unique personality. Just like every nation has its own geographical, cultural and moral values and circumstances. Imposition of certain values laws and ethics might not be applicable everywhere. Especially when there is huge cultural and geographical difference.  I wonder if the areas of the world under the colonial rule, direct or indirect, had such worst living conditions, as being projected and shown, what made these direct or indirect rulers/invaders/intruders stay there for centuries? fixing? for so long? How many more centuries are they going to try that?

Power to change things according to your own choice is wonderful to feel, but so is the courage to accept things you can not change.

The best thing that can happen to some one is the ability to understand the difference. Difference that makes him or her understand that this is what I can change, and this is what I cannot or should not change.

I heard that where ever a fire breaks out, the impact of pollution and heat spreads all over world in few hours. It means that no matter how small the fire is the whole world is going to share the consequences. We think that those little bad things we do secretly will not create an impact?

Before we start a destruction, a fire or imposition of our ways onto others we must think about the impact it is gong to create. Because sooner or later it is going to spread around and we are will face the consequences in some way for sure. This is nature’s way to give back, Just like when we smoke we pollute environment and the nature, in return we get a disease. At least I believe that.

But here you might say, parents always have good intentions for their children. Maybe, but the bear that was a very good friend of the man also had good intentions to get rid of the fly sitting on his friend’s nose and he threw a huge rock on the man’s nose to kill that fly actually that was not letting him take a nap peacefully. (Bear and the Gardner)

I heard that a  kangaroo in its love for its child, hugs the child so tight that sometimes it breaks his back bone.

We can not make a tree grow faster than the natural process and have same good results. If we use unnatural ways we always get unnatural results. There is a thin line between intruding/interrupting and helping your kid grow into a great human being.

Humans are very short of patience. We want our kids to grow up into a mature, reasonable intelligent and successful person quickly, but you know patience is the only difference between a grown up and a child. And who is the child here?

In the end I would like to ask everyone trying to fix something, weather a child or a country. Please don’t try to fix us, we are not broken….

“If you wana make the world a better place….Take a look at yourself and make the change.”