Think about it…it is very likely that the amount of time you had to Rest because you were sick or even admitted to the Hospital outweighs the amount of time you INTENTIONALLY took timeout to rest. Yea, i thought so too….

In this post my aim is simple; to encourage you to LOVE YOURSELF ENOUGH to pay more attention to your SELF-CARE….Because the world will benefit more from the Well-rested Balanced You. The lessons are inbetween the lines and i hope that you find them and glean on them…

If you’re a woman, particularly if you’re a working mother, then it’s more likely that your stress levels will be way higher than normal as the clock ticked down to Christmas eve and the arrival of the new year… According to an article in a recent study of over 2,000 men and women by Lantern found that women will be 11% more stressed than men this holiday season but who is noticing this? Not even the women themselves… It’s high time we all become more observant and aware of our bodies and how they tell us ” it’s time to slow down and take a break” don’t you agree? Else, how do we teach our children to do same?

Another disguised killer during the holiday season is PERFECTIONISM...this can be a stress-inducing juice at any time of year not just holidays, it’s just more so during the jolly season and very capable of slowly sucking the joyous, festive spirit out of Women especially working Moms…But the Onus is on you to INTENTIONALLY know when to rest!

Of course it’s easy to get socially conditioned into believing that our holiday tables should resemble those in the movies or magazines and that’s ok, but when it’s done out of ‘ obligation ‘ then the pressures begin to fuel up…

Guess what…I didn’t put up a Christmas tree this year. Is it shocking that a Family-Work-Life Balnce Expert didn’t put up a Christmas tree at her home this year? Pause, breath.

Now see what happened; routinely i put up my 12 feet tall Christmas tree and decoration before the 1st of November every year before now, but my organisation’s last event of the year ran into the 2nd week of December because of the passing on of a dear one…which led to postponed events and all…I knew my body desperately needed a break and as it’s my home tradition to decorate the Christmas tree as a Family, that had to go so i could take the time to rest…

Moral of this story; understand your body and reality, don’t force things at the expense of your health and well-being just to make an impression…(don’t get me wrong, i’m a huge lover of Christmas decorations and all), Prioritise family, and prioritising family means prioritising you… Moving on, did we have a merry Christmas? Yesssss! The most memorable. Why? because it takes a happy well rested woman to make a happy home no matter the conditions. Your family will benefit from the happy well rested You than the over worked, sleep deprived, tired, agitated, you that will soon break down and land at the Hospital…REST NOW!

Your family will benefit from the happy well rested You than the over worked, sleep deprived, tired, agitated, you that will soon break down and land at the Hospital…REST NOW!

Daniella Omor

Finally, i woke up last monday morning feeling extra extra tired to my bones (ofcourse, why not when i cooked 5 soups 2 stews and a huge pot of beans over the weekend, plus Mommying and wife(ing)… I only came out to eat breakfast and went back to bed and had my good rest before stepping out to do soft work in the evening…Some of you would have told yourself ” It’s Monday i should be at work, this is laziness “. Really? Why if you can help it?

Because your body is a fire wood or robot? Even fire woods burn and turns to ashes…As you’re reading this now, if you know your body needs rest or sleep, please put off the phone or laptop and go rest/sleep. Too often we don’t listen to our bodies, it speaks to you to take a rest but you don’t listen until YOU LAND IN THE HOSPITAL! Then you’re forced to rest, why??? What if you break down when you have a major project?

The days of the week or season doesn’t contol you, YOU control the day so if your body is telling you to rest today please don’t beg the issue, just REST and drop that crap of “its a Monday or Tuesday or i should be working or hosting” etc, STOP IT NOW! The world is waiting on you to birth that idea or continue the great work you’re doing…but we need you Healthy. God is trusting you to take advantage of that one hour and sleep or just stay back home and rest!

THIS IS SO THAT YOU CAN BECAUSE YOU CAN! Who is taking a rest today no matter how brief? Who’s adding SELFCARE to
their daily ToDos in 2020?

Now, i want to know what you’re thinking, leave me a comment, share this post if it inspired you because sharing is caring.

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