It’s normal for you to want to have a sense of certainty about how things are going to happen or unfold in your life, you’ve been socialized and conditioned to do so. 

But have you ever noticed how something in the past turned out in a way that was so much better than you could have ever anticipated or imagined? 

When you get really excited about an idea that you have, like writing a book, or creating a new offer for your business, or setting a high-income goal, the most important thing to do is to focus on what you want to create and hold a space for that to materialize. 

When you get caught up in the fear and uncertainty about ‘how’ things are going to happen it’s easy to get lost or discouraged. 

I’m here to tell you to just keep going, let your vision ‘pull’ you toward it and when you follow the force of your vision sincerely and with an openness, an allowing, you will get the clarity of the next step that you need to take. 

You are a Powerful Creator.

Here is a 4 step process to let go of the ‘how’:

1. Pause – The next time you find yourself getting freaked out about not knowing how things are going to happen, pause. Sometimes this can be difficult to do. It’s not a bad thing to create a practice of this in your life as a whole to avoid stress.

2. Plug into the Inspiration you had when the idea initially came to you and let that guide you – remember how excited you were in the moment you got the idea for something. Take a moment to reflect and re-experience that excitement. You will find that the feelings of excitement will cancel out any anxiousness that you may be feeling. 

3. Create a space of openness and allowing – the ‘how’ will always present itself to you, but only when you do this. Each step will present itself in this space. 
4. Trust. Know that you are always being guided.

You were inspired by your idea for a reason and it’s up to you to materialize it if you want. 

You are a Powerful Creator.