World renowned international cosmic healer Dr. Ajay Magan claimed that while thousands of people are dying every day despite modern medical practices, on the other hand, through Vedic science, society can easily be saved from this epidemic. There is a need to move this science forward and to create healing centers at different places. Where everyone gets free treatments.

According to Dr. Magan, the cost of these centers is only 10 lakh rupees and no raw material is used in it. Because of this there is no other expense to run it. Through cosmic energies, every human being can balance his energies in just a short period of time and can become disease free.
Avoiding Covid virus is not only difficult but very easy. He told that if a person’s aura is strong and positive and his chakra is balanced, then no virus can affect him. If you transmit thoughts of happiness in your brain, then it will have an effect on your DNA level and your immunity will increase manifold automatically.

Vedic science, which is the heritage of our country of India, we Indians are denying it. While other countries are adopting its importance. In these cosmic healing centers based on many types of cosmic gadgets, the physical and mental diseases of a person will be identified without touching the body in just 1 minute and if given half an hour 3 to 4 times, then the patient will start to improve to a great extent. This is ancient science with no side effects.