Dr Jay Feldman

Dr Jay Feldman observed the importance of education in emerging nations is critical, as a lack of education leads to poverty and delayed economic progress, particularly in emerging countries. Despite significant improvement in recent years, children continue to be denied access to school. Education is critical for everyone, it is a basic human need according to Dr Jay Feldman.

Right of education

Every girl and boy kid should have the right to a high-quality education so that they can have better prospects in life, including better employment and health. Education has a critical part in poverty alleviation.

Advantages of education

Education has several advantages, including boosting economic growth and increasing a country’s GDP. We must recognise that education and growth are inextricably linked. It also improves human life expectancy by lowering newborn mortality rates. Education is a vital investment in a country because of the numerous advantages it provides. Education ensures a lifetime income, fosters peace, lowers school and college dropout rates, and stimulates healthy competition. Many youngsters drop out of college because they are unaware of the benefits of a college degree. Education aids in making the best judgements during contentious situations.


Nowadays, school children are only allowed to study academics. We must also guarantee that children’s education provides them with the required life skills. Due to a lack of well-trained instructors, poor learning materials, and inappropriate school facilities, the most vulnerable and groups (including children living in slums, children with disabilities, and girls) are most likely to be harmed. A good teacher is an essential component of any child’s education as per Dr Jay Feldman. Girls and women who are educated are healthier, make more money, and offer better health care for themselves and their future children, and these advantages are passed down through generations. Training is a basic freedom and is vital to accomplishing numerous other maintainable improvement results.


Quality fundamental instruction gives kids and youth the information and abilities they need to confront day-by-day life difficulties, and exploit monetary and long-lasting learning openings. It is likewise a vital driver for diminishing neediness, cultivating financial development, accomplishing sex fairness, and social turn of events. These advantages are considerably more noteworthy when backing to training is focused toward young ladies. Young ladies who complete their essential training will in general secure better positions, wed later and have fewer youngsters. They are moreover: Live as liable to have kids who experience the ill effects of hunger. Less inclined to have kids who pass on before the age of five in the eyes of Dr Jay Feldman. Less inclined to go to prostitution. Less inclined to be casualties of sexual brutality or become tainted with HIV. Instruction is especially critical to networks that are delicate or reconstructing. Instruction gives dependability, design, and expectation for the future, helping kids and youth to beat injury brought about by war, catastrophe, or struggle. Having a protected learning climate likewise makes youngsters and youth less defenceless against abuse, grabbing, and enrolment by assailant gatherings or coordinated wrongdoing. In any case, around 59 million youngsters in agricultural nations don’t approach essential instruction.

The nature of training is additionally a key concern

250 million kids can’t peruse, compose or check, even following four years of tutoring. Numerous youngsters in non-industrial nations who have not had the option to finish quality schooling are inadequate with regards to the basic and undeniable level abilities for work and life. According to the Global Partnership, a ten percent increase in secondary school attendance reduces the chance of conflict by three percent. While many parts of the world are still far from having universal access to education, conditions for children are improving largely to the efforts of organisations working to guarantee that education is no longer a privilege but a human right for all. These advantages of education pointed by Dr Jay Feldman barely scratch the surface of what incredible progress may be accomplished for the globe when everyone has access to education.