Dr. John DeMartini is a leading human behavioral specialist, critically acclaimed author and business consultant who uses research-supported methodologies to facilitate dramatic human development in all areas. Highly sought after as a speaker and for his part in The Secret, John DeMartini has created programs that aim to assist people with what he defines as the seven key areas of life: financial, social, physical, mental, spiritual, vocational and familial. He consistently sells out shows in South Africa, the United States, Canada and Europe.

When Dr. DeMartini is also the Founder of the prestigious DeMartini Institute and is recognized as international authority on personal development. The DeMartini Institute is all about helping people reach their full potential, as it strives to create inspired leaders and show individuals of all ages how they can tap into their power to change the world around them.

The Demartini Method can be used to resolve any emotion or challenge such as fear, depression, low self-esteem, guilt, grief, trauma or anxiety. Dr. DeMartini’s Breakthrough Experience contains the Demartini Value Determination Process which is adapted from axiology and determines what drives, inspires and focuses a person. It is a world renowned two-day seminar which has been presented in over 60 countries around the world. It is packed with simple, yet powerful solutions to assist people create more fulfilling and purposeful lives. The Breakthrough Experience is all about results. It is about gaining self-mastery of the mind, emotions, issues and life. It is about clarifying life and career direction and the most important goals to set in all areas of life so that there are clear action plans in place to create expanded and fulfilled lives.