Most people dread appointments with their dentists. And most people are also guilty of overlooking or ignoring their dental health even though no one is immune to the confidence-draining effects of a bad dentition. Dental Surgeon Dr. Kam Kamangar works to restore smiles and give people clean slates on their confidence meters through his dental practice and educate them on the importance of dental health.

Born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona, Dr. Kamangar earned a degree in Biology from Arizona State University; he had joined the University’s prestigious program while still in his final year of high school. He had always been of singular focus throughout his college stay, acing his courses with a simultaneous dedication to community service. His excellent grades and credentials gave him access to an extensive list of dental schools, eventually electing to study at the University of Southern California School of Dentistry, where he graduated as a Doctor of Dental Surgery.

After his degrees, he delved straight into acquiring his credentials in postgraduate dentistry, focusing on new advancements in cosmetic dentistry and the latest technologies in dental health. Over the years, he has grown into one of the pacesetters in the dental industry, adapting new, relevant technologies and advanced techniques for dental care, such as advanced digital imaging.

Leveraging his years of extensive experience and training as a cosmetic dentist, Dr. Kam, in his commitment to serve his community, was inspired to establish his own cosmetic and family dentistry practices, helping hundreds of patients with his skill and expertise. He has been a long-standing member of the American Dental Association, California Dental Association, and the University of Southern California Dental Association. Locally, he is also a member of the Los Angeles Dental Society.

Dr. Kam Kamangar has steadily built a reputation for reliability and exceptional attention to detail. He has worked with several Hollywood celebrities like Nelly, Akon, Jordyn Woods, Scott Disick, Khloe Kardashian, and others. Known within certain circles as the “King of Veneers,” Dr. Kamangar continues to advance that reputation each passing year with his contributions not just to his clients but also to the industry.

Dr. Kam insists that a successful dental care procedure mainly depends on collaboration with the patient. “Dentistry is largely based on maintaining proper oral health,” he stated. “But it is also an aesthetically focused practice, and it requires mastery and technique unique to the profession. A large part of dentistry involves restoring teeth and making a smile beautiful, one that the patient is happy to show to others.”

Despite his growing fame and popularity, the mission remains the same for Dr. Kamangar: to give people renewed confidence in their smiles and the chance to be the best version of themselves. “Many people overlook how much their dentition plays in how they look. The goal is to open up the possibilities for them to see,” he shared. In the coming years, he aims to grow his practice into one of the leading dental services nationwide. “The next few years hold a lot of growth for us, and I envision breaking into other parts of the United States and staking a claim in the dental care world in those places.”

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