After a few years in the workplace, most people begin to fall into daily or weekly habits. Though most of these habits are relatively harmless, some may actually be causing damage to your teeth and mouth. As such, Dr. Maria Luonghas the following tips to avoid these unhealthy work habits from forming:
Using Your Teeth as Tools
Many people use their teeth to help them open packaging, tear off a piece of tape, or even to hold a paperclip. However, this can cause damage to your tooth enamel and may eventually cause your teeth to chip or break. Instead, try to use the proper tools for the job such as a pair of scissors, a plier or a tape dispenser. 
Drinking Your Morning Coffee
For lots of workers, a cup of coffee in the morning has become something of a daily tradition. While it may seem like the perfect way to start the day, it can actually have some negative effects on your oral health. Drinking coffee can often lead to dry mouth, bad breath, and cavities. As such, it is probably a good idea to switch to a drink such as green tea for your caffeine boost in the morning.
Chewing on Stationery
When focused on a particularly challenging task, people often tend to subconsciously chew on the pens and pencils that are sitting on their desks. Though this might seem pretty harmless at first, it will eventually begin to wear down the edges of your teeth – potentially resulting in a toothache or even a fracture. If you simply must satiate this impulse, snacking on carrot sticks is a much healthier option.
Taking a Cigarette Break
Just about everybody understands that smoking is an unhealthy habit. However, many people still stop to take a cigarette break multiple times throughout the workday. In doing so, you are increasing your risk of oral cancer, tooth loss, gum disease, and even cavities. Considering the many dangers of smoking, it is certainly a good idea to consider quitting. Should you need assistance with this, your primary care physician should be able to offer some guidance.
It can often be pretty tough to break habits such as smoking, pen chewing, or drinking coffee. However, now that you know a little more about how these habits may be adversely impacting your oral health, it might be worth trying to change your ways.
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