Matthew and his wife Sherri had been living a happily married life until they got the biggest shock of their life. Sherri, who was diagnosed with the third-stage of breast cancer, had to go through chemotherapy and a double mastectomy. Even though the doctors said that the survival rates for such a case were as high as 87%, the treatment process was tiring and pretty complicated. After every chemo session, Sherri faced serious side-effects. And, this didn’t only weaken her immune system but made her prone to neuropathy symptoms. The doctor recommended Sherri’s chemo session and cancer treatment should stop for her to get back to normal.

Her condition was so terrible that Sherri couldn’t hold her toothbrush and fork properly. Her feet and palms felt numb. Fortunately, the doctor said that they could use polychromatic lights on Sherri’s hands and feet after 24 hours of every chemo session to repair her nerves. The couple decided to follow the doctor’s prescriptions and Sherri would get the Low-Level Laser Therapy after 24 hours of chemo drug infusion. She would feel dizzy and weak after the chemotherapy, but after the polychromatic lights, her condition would get better.

The Polychromatic Lights — The Ultimate Savior

However, that was just the starting of her cancer treatment. After the chemotherapy, Sherri was supposed to have a double mastectomy (the removal of both her breasts) to get the tumor out of her system. The surgery went quite well and Sherri survived the operation. However, she lost most of her hand movements after the surgery. Additionally, Sherri had to bear lots of pain due to the lost movements in her hand.

Sherri was recommended the same multi-therapeutic approach for neuropathy symptoms. Surprisingly, she witnessed a lot of improvements in her health straight after the first session. If it hadn’t been for the LLLT approach, Sherri wouldn’t have been able to get out of that mess. Sherri still had to face some sort of numbness in her hands, but she got back almost 90% of hand movements. Being a professional Chiropractor, Matthew recommended the polychromatic light for all those patients, who weren’t ready to take narcotic drugs. Indeed, the therapy worked wonders for neuropathy, chemo, and diabetic patients.

Patients Recovery Story

Matthew has worked hard over the past few years to educate the healthcare systems as well as patients about the amazing effects of this futuristic technology. It has helped many patients repair their damaged tissues and get back their normal life. Being born to a middle-class family, Matthew is proud to have amazing parents, who have always supported his every decision. Matthew has witnessed a lot of struggles in his early life. He has seen his parents struggle to earn a living. Matthew also feels grateful to have supportive coaches, who have always inspired him.

He explained how the renowned doctor namely, Dan Pompa, became the first professional to utilize this idea into technology. His elder son went through a severe accident, in which, he broke his two vertebrae. Instead of going through the surgery, the doctor and his son decided to try this technology. According to doctors, 75% of such accidents resulted in paralysis. But using the polychromatic lights, Daniele could walk in three weeks. He even went to Europe for his vacation 5 weeks after the accident.

Dr. Matthew and his team intend to make this futuristic technology available to the masses so that every family and patient going through neuropathy symptoms can benefit from the quick recovery. The treatment costs much less than stem cells and surgical treatments.


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