Whatever actions we involve in or whatever conditions we live in, our mental state determines our response to everything. If you have a bad mental state, you will be living a hateful or stressed life. A person with a pleasant and healthy mental state will see his life as a blessing. However, being with distorted mental health is not your fault, and it is not an irreversible curse. Everyone can try their best to achieve better mental wellbeing if we understand the various causes and remedies of it. As everyone’s lives will be different, the remedies and causes could also differ. A teenager will experience different mental health issues, while an adult will be exposed to different issues. However, life will not be easy if you keep on struggling with these issues. In this article, let us discuss the various factors that could affect your mental health, along with some measures to achieve better mental health in brief.

Factors capable of affecting your mental wellbeing with tips to overcome


The primary factor that affects your mental wellbeing is loneliness. Sometimes, you may be surrounded by several people of different relationships. However, you will still feel lonely. People who are isolated from their relations will automatically start feeling lonely. This isolation factor will cause unnecessary depression and anxiety among people. If you remain lonely for a long time, your mental well-being will get destroyed. People who find it difficult to mingle with others will struggle with this issue. Else, losses or separations from your loved one could cause loneliness.

Tip: You can try catching up with whomever you know regardless of the last time you spoke with them. Socializing with people around you will be of great help.


Another main reason for the deterioration of mental wellbeing is grief or being sad. You can find several reasons for being sad in your life. You may have lost your job, or a loved one would have passed away. Likewise, numerous factors could make you feel sad and sit idle without doing anything productive. Although grief is common among people, you are in trouble if you could not come over it for a long time. Financial struggle and relationship issues could be the major reasons for this.

Tip: You should try to convince your mind about the situation and your helplessness. You should concentrate on other things to keep you engaged.

Family issues

You will be the unluckiest person if you have a bitter family experience. As you could not run away from your close ones at any cause, you would have to go through difficulties without any help. Some of the family issues include domestic violence, use of foul language, strictness in almost everything, financial restriction, restrictions from doing what you love, forced activities, and many more. These issues will affect your mental well-being regardless of your age and gender.

Tip: You can find several help-centers for domestic and family issues. You can contact them, or you can find the support of someone who loves you.


Bullying is an act of usage of power or authority over someone to abuse them either physically or mentally without limits. You can be a victim of bullying in various environments. Usually, bullying will happen in schools, colleges, workplaces, and even in homes. Since you may have to go through these tedious surroundings all the time, your mental wellbeing will get affected for the most part.

Tip: You should make use of the anti-bullying movements and regulations in your institution or organization without any hesitations. You can also walk away from them without even considering their words and actions. Being brave enough could avoid such activities.


It could be the most tedious phase if you do not have a job or a way to earn a living. You will not have a better mental state if there is no income. You would develop symptoms and reactions like anger, depression, sleeping difficulties, frustration, and many more due to unemployment.

Tip: You should not sit idle expecting a job. If you keep on developing your skills, no one can stop you from getting employed. You should always be looking for new opportunities and should never miss one due to any reason. The world is always looking for skills, and you can easily get a job.

Sleeping disorders

If you could not sleep properly, your mental health will not be in a good state. Medical reports claim that a person should sleep at least for seven hours to have better mental wellbeing. There could be a range of reasons for not getting proper sleep. But you could not expect mental wellbeing if you do not sleep well.

Tip: You can avoid daytime sleep, and you should have a regular timing for sleep at night. Avoiding alcohol and usage of devices before bed is advisable to get good sleep.

Physical injuries and illnesses

If you are suffering from a chronic disease or some severe physical injuries, you may not expect mental wellbeing, and it is not possible also.

Tip: You can try being brave during these hard times and concentrate on other activities to bring back your mental health.

Alcohol and drug usage

If you are an alcoholic or druggist, you should not expect better mental health. It is like voluntarily reducing your mental wellbeing.

Tip: Going to anti-drug sessions to stay away from alcohol and drugs.

Other measures to achieve better mental health and wellbeing

  • You can achieve better mental health by eating regularly and focusing on a healthy diet with energetic food.
  • Regular exercise could help you get mentally healthy.
  • You should start socializing with people healthily. However, it is not only on social media.
  • You can improve your mental wellbeing by giving constant work to the brain by learning new skills and involving in other brainy activities.
  • You can help others to feel better and achieve mental health.
  • You should laugh out loud whenever you can.

Dr Philip Sobash