Almost half of the world’s population is affected by mental stress in any way. If you go through the various publications of experts in medical science like Dr. Philip Sobash, you will get to know a range of causes for mental health deterioration. Let us look at some scenarios and factors affecting your mental health along with some ways to overcome them.


Lonely people will easily get affected mentally to at least a smaller extent. The majority of bachelors who are working far from their homes will have this mental issue due to loneliness. Introverts who do not love to mingle with people often will be the victims of unnecessary thoughts that lead to mental stress and depression. Even if life is going smooth for these people, something will be pricking them to go off the mood. Sometimes, people who live with plenty of other people will also feel lonely because no one would be there to care about them in the crowd. All these factors of loneliness should be overseen and you should try to get away from them in the following ways.

Ways to overcome:

  • You should keep in touch with the few friends you have regardless of important issues or reasons.
  • You should keep spending time with your family and have some fun time with your colleague.
  • You can develop hobbies that can productively lead you. Reading books can make you love your lonely times.


The next big factor that can rupture your mind off is your sorrow of any kind. Sometimes, you may have to miss someone that you love the most. It could be your parents or a life partner. The major reason for this separation would be their deaths. Another factor of sorrow will be your financial struggle. If you have any issues in your family from the beginning, you may be under constant mental stress. You can try making up your mind to get away from sorrows by thinking and doing the following.

Ways to overcome:

  • Since you cannot do anything with anyone’s death, you should make yourself ready to face these unexpected separations.
  • If you keep on thinking about those who died, your mental peace will go away and you will start losing your focus on anything. So, you should try to forget their demise and think that they are about to have a better afterlife session.

Family issues

Some people would have been born with the curse of having a torn or issued family. Your family life could be bitter at times and your relationships would never be comforting. It can cause severe mental pressure and there is no way out of it. For example, a person facing domestic violence will always be in trouble inside his home. If your family is overly strict on your decisions and activities, you could not control them. Sometimes, poverty can also hurt your mental wellbeing. Whatever your age may be, these issues will have a direct impact on your mental health.

Ways to overcome:

  • There will be several organizations to help people who face domestic violence. Their help will get you out of a toxic environment.
  • You can find anyone who cares for you and can try to shift there if you are not living with your parents.


Usually, students of schools will face this issue. Bullying is an illegal act of using force and authority on a weaker individual for fun. These activities could be mental or physical. A bully will not be with mental peace as there will be constant pressure from those who involve in this. If a school-going kid faces this issue, their studies will go useless and their mind can get used to these kinds of situations. It will become tougher for the kid to overcome it.

Ways to overcome:

  • You should throw away your fears and oppose those who bully you.
  • If your institution has an anti-bullying committee, you should not hesitate to file a complaint.
  • You should talk about this with your parents or guardians. Sometimes, teachers can also help.


The primary reason for the mental issues of most youngsters and adults throughout the world is unemployment. As the industrial trends are rapidly changing, it is being tedious for people to cope with the rising demand for skills. If you do not have the necessary skills, you will not get any job. Being without a job will be stressful from all sides. Your self-esteem may go low and your financial needs may hurt you. So, your mental health will be heavily affected due to unemployment.

Ways to overcome:

  • The best way to overcome unemployment is to upgrade your skills to match the demand of the industries. If you are skilled enough, no one will deny you a job offer.
  • You should try to develop your network and contacts to get opportunities.
  • You can think of starting something of your own instead of searching for a job.

Sleeping disorders

It can look like an ordinary issue. However, if you could not sleep properly, you would have to forget the meaning of having a peaceful mind. Your mind will not even work if there is enough sleep. So, it is a major reason for the depletion of your mental health.

Ways to overcome:

  • You should try to get at least six hours of sleep every day.
  • You should not miss sleeping schedules due to any unnecessary reason.
  • You should take the necessary medication to reduce the severity of the sleeping disorder.

Physical injuries

People who meet with accidents or be handicapped from the beginning may have some mental issues. As they could not do anything normally, the mental pressure will remain in them.

Ways to overcome:

  • You should focus on your medication and do exercises regularly.
  • You should not be low on your confidence.

Alcohol and drugs

Being a victim of drug usage and alcohol consumption will keep your mind dumb.

Ways to overcome:

  • You should try rehabilitation centers.

Dr. Philip Sobash