According to Dr. Sam Shahoveisi, “A good smile is one of the top contributors to a person’s confidence.” For this reason, Dr. Sam is setting out to make great smiles accessible to all.

For most, the smile is the first thing we notice when meeting a new person. A good smile is undeniably attractive, while a less than ideal smile can be distracting and diminish one’s natural beauty. When Dr. Sam founded City Center Dental over 20 years ago, it was with the mission to bring great smiles to all.

Although he was born in Chicago, Dr. Sam lived in the United States for just one year before moving back to Iran with his family. The country was in the midst of war, so for his safety, he was sent back to the United States at just 13. Completely alone, Dr. Sam was forced to provide for himself, living on his own in tough neighborhoods and struggling to make ends meet. From a very young age, he was in survival mode, yet, he never lost his desire to make something of himself. At just 26, he graduated with a degree in dentistry and founded his own practice. Dr. Sam was immediately struck by the impact an improved smile had on his patients. 

“I realized that many of these patients had never fully smiled until now,” he recalls. 

Dr. Sam wanted to bring the opportunity to achieve a great smile to people of all demographics, so instead of opening his cosmetic office in a fancy neighborhood, Dr. Sam elected to open his office in Pico Rivera, a smaller city located southeast of Los Angeles. Before long, Dr. Sam had opened three more offices, in Azusa, Corona, and West Covina, all aimed at serving a lower to middle-class market. 

“Everyone deserves to have a great smile,” says Dr. Sam, “I believe that because of the neighborhoods I grew up in, these are the people I’m most passionate about helping.”

From general dentistry to special procedures and cosmetic dentistry, City Dental Centers’ full-service offerings have something for everyone. Dr. Sam sees the smile makeover as an opportunity to transform someone’s entire appearance and confidence level. When working with any new client, Dr. Sam spends careful time getting to know his patient and their personality. 

“If I  don’t laugh with the patient first, I won’t perform their procedure,” Dr. Sam says with a chuckle, He goes on to explain the importance of an individual’s personality being reflected in their smile, “At my office, there is no such thing as a generic smile,” he says, “Your smile reflects your personality, so I take my time to ensure that.” 

Although the cost of veneers and a smile makeover isn’t cheap, Dr. Sam strategically founded his own veneer lab, City-dental-lab and produces all the ceramic veneers in house. Because of this, he can provide veneers at a much lower price than other cosmetic dentistry offices who are forced to outsource to another lab for veneers. 

Dr. Sam splits his time traveling between his four locations and is excited to announce plans for additional locations opening over the next few years. Although his empire is ever-growing, Dr. Sam has never lost sight of the importance of a boutique office look and feel. From his carefully selected, gentle, highly trained staff, to his personalized patient care, Dr. Sam is committed to providing a Hollywood level of white-glove service to each of his patients. 

The experience of setting foot in any of his four offices is truly second to none, and the opportunity to receive quality care, at a much lower cost cannot be beaten. As he looks forward to the coming years, Dr. Sam is aglow with anticipation at the thought of helping hundreds of new clients achieve their perfect smile. “Don’t underestimate the power of a smile,” says Dr. Sam. To inquire about veneers or a complete smile makeover, visit City-dental-lab