In this age of enlightenment, it is fascinating to finally be so open to co- create with others on the higher path. In my show ‘Rendezvous with juju’ my guest and I invite you to our daring & orgasmic conversations!

Humans, by nature, are both creative and curious. As we grow up in life, we become more and more conditioned to be rational over creative and to find balance (which doesn’t exist) instead of seeking curiosity. I recently chatted withExecutive Coach and Creatrix, Dr. Sofie Nubani, to find out how we can re-learn our creative process to build the reality we want to see, not the one we’ve been told to accept. 

Everything you’re experiencing in your reality is a reflection of yourself – your life, your reality, is feedback. It’s the external version of your internal happenings. So why do we often sit idly by, letting life just happen to us? And why do we give up our curiosity to fear? 

According to Dr. Nubani, this common process of losing our self-awareness can be caused by fear, and other low-frequency emotions, that trick us into believing that we don’t get to choose or even worse, that there is no divine will or spiritual movement happening to us and around us throughout the course of our lives. 

When we think of life in terms of, what I create on the inside is what I see come to life on the outside, it becomes much easier to look at life through a more clear lens and to take an inventory, so to speak. It becomes easier to challenge ourselves, to add or takeaway, and to stop looking at everything from the viewpoint of successes or failures – but rather from the viewpoint of happiness and growth. This is when we get to feel aligned to and with the reality we are creating, rather than just accepting anything and everything, whether we chose it or not. 

How Do We Get There?

Stepping into the courage it takes to get back to creativity and curiosity isn’t easy – but why do we expect life to be easy anyway? Who told us that every single step would be without weight? The truth in life is that we must overcome, we must build resilience, we must find our courage, and then we are rewarded doubly for it. And the first step in making this change is to get flexible. 

  • Flexibility is required because when we are rigid, we shut down creativity and curiosity.
  • Adaptation happens when we are flexible enough to grow and change with our awareness, as we create more space for creativity and curiosity. 
  • Acceptance is difficult because there will be divine will and spiritual interventions on your path to growth, and releasing that control, and looking for the lesson is how you respect and accept that the Universe is flowing around you. 
  • Asking questions, and why, of yourself, is how you get closer and closer to your purpose. What do I want to do? Why? Why? Why? (Dr. Nubani actually suggests asking yourself “why?” five times!)
  • Producing high-quality into your life comes from this alignment you get by asking the questions. The more you produce, the more you ask why, the more you get into your niche and purpose in life. And it all begins with that ability to be flexible and begin creating space for creativity and curiosity. 
  • Practicing, playing, experimenting… this is the essence of life – this is how we get really (really!) aligned with the reality we want to create and bring it to life. We practice and we play, and we stay curious – and then we use that awareness and what we’re learning to make tweaks, to add and to takeaway. This process is the true process of creating reality, not just accepting it. 

From Matrix to Creatrix

We hear people talk about the matrix, the reality we’re all “stuck in”, so to speak… and something Dr. Nubani talks about is becoming a Creatrix – someone who gives birth to ideas and true change in the world around them through a deep connection to the Universe. And this is so important right now, because reality is being stripped away right before our eyes – and we have to choose to create what will replace it. This global pandemic has changed life so much from only one year ago, and to me, that means there is so much space for us to re-learn our creative process, to become creative and creators, to lean with our curiosity and get back into the habit of asking why, until we truly – in our hearts – know the answer. 

With her new book  Optimize Your Creative Mindset, Dr. Sofie Nubani stays very clear about her mission: “To realize the higher thinking of individuals, organizations, and cultures leading to a shift towards breakthrough innovation, ignited imagination, and  unleashed metacognition”.

It’s Time for A Mystical Evolution

This higher mental state is part of the human evolution we are all experiencing, but we have to choose to participate on a higher plane. I think we’ve been hearing these things for so long, but now it’s time to take action, because as I often put it : ” The most important prayer in the world id action.” The more conscious we become, collectively, the more we will see reality unfolding and supporting our human ascension.

Imagine that… imagine the beauty of that… an environment that is spiritually, physically supportive of the reality you wish to create. Now – imagine this – that is already true. We already have that support. We are already full of the potential to create. We already have the tools we need to re-learn our creative processes and to jump into our innate gifts.

Your imagination will set you free. The only question is, what will you create with it?

You’re invited to RendezVous with Juju too… visit our tribe now. Let’s play in the mystical flow of life to unleash the enlightened self which can’t be contained nor defined.



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