After losing her father to poor lifestyle choices and a decade later losing her mother to cancer, health, and lifestyle coach, Dr. Staci Whitman became committed to changing the way she approached and took care of her health. Today, she is focusing on holistic care – looking at root causes and avoiding diseases – through lifestyle, mindfulness, and choosing to be intentional in everyday choices. She is also helping parents and families access the information they need to have a holistic approach at home.

Dr. Staci grew up in a rural town in Maine, and after suffering a very severe bicycle accident at the age of ten, she knew she wanted to be a dentist, where she could help restore people’s confidence and smiles. A few years later, she made this dream possible and became a Board-Certified Pediatric Dentist. Shortly after, she opened her dental clinic, but later on, she realized there is something that needs to change. 

Inspired by her own naturopathic doctor, she changed her mindset from a traditionally trained and practicing dentist, where the model is very surgical in nature (often band-aiding underlying issues), to one that takes a whole body and functional approach to helping patients.

The moment she transitioned her dental practice to a functional, holistic pediatric dental practice, she received overflowing support and positive feedback from parents and families – even getting so many calls – coming from in and out of Portland. In fact, many families travel from across the world to see Dr. Staci.

Because of this, she realized that many families want to learn more information on how they can live cleaner, better lives, and start it at home, thus pushing her to create Happi Health. 

Dr. Staci created Happi Health, not only as a holistic full-body health program dedicated to families and children but as well as providing support and information in ways that help parents strengthen parenting abilities and know-how on holistic care at home.

Happi Health includes initiatives such as mouth and tooth health, pacifier and thumb-sucking programs, airway intervention guidance, recipes, meal planning, and nutritional guidance, tailored hygiene instructions for bedtime battles or personal improvements, access to product lists, educational sheets, parental support and lifestyle tips, among a few.

Happi Health’s approach to health and wellness is the first of its kind. And for Dr. Staci, education and empowering families with information is a way to start.

“I’m so passionate about educating. It’s what gets me out of bed every morning,” Dr. Staci shares. She walks parents into their journey of holistic care as well as provides recommendations to help guide individuals and families to optimal health.

Dr. Staci made it her mission to advocate for healthier food into schools and communities, as well as change the way foods are marketed before it reaches the homes. She is also exploring sharing healthy recipes and meal plans for moms to start healthy eating at home.

Holistic care changes everything. It looks at the body as a whole – mentally, physically, spiritually, and socially – and understanding that all these aspects affect your overall health. It is no longer a scenario of giving your child ibuprofen when they’re sick. It’s also looking at every aspect of their lifestyle – diet, his environment, and his way of handling stress as the best way to get your child healthy.

All of Dr. Staci’s efforts and the support she has received so far only proves that parents need something like Happi Health – and they need it now.

To learn more about Happi Health, visit their website.