Dragon Tamer or Dragon Captive?

With a roar of fire, the emotional dragon reared its ugly head again, sending flames of fear and anxiety into the surrounding atmosphere.

However, I should probably start this story further back, in the past.  I’m Becky, dragon tamer extraordinaire. Several years ago, I discovered my first dragon. He was a ferocious, but extremely sneaky dragon called Cmore. Until that point I’d never met a dragon, although I’d heard they existed. This dragon used his flames to burn away layers of confidence and self-esteem. For twenty years, the dragon kept a fiery hold around me, ensuring my fingers were burnt if I ever dared to stray into the confident zone.

Then on a warm summer’s day, a leaf (well, truth be told, it was a piece of paper), floated past and on that leaf was inscribed the words. Dragon taming – Is it for you?  How I read it as dragon taming instead of hypnotherapy, I’ll never know, but it was too late.  I’d signed on the dotted line, in pen!

But, that’s where the magic began …

As I honed my skills as a dragon tamer, an almost magical transformation was manifesting within. The inner chains, that had held me back ever since the day I met Cmore, began to crumble and crack. As they did, they revealed an armour stronger than any dragon’s fiery breathing, more protective than the emotional wave of energy those serpents could propel my way.

After a year of perfecting my skills, I finally gained my dragon taming uniform.  I stepped out of dragon academy and the real story began.

In that first year as a dragon tamer and, as I said at the start of this, ‘with a roar of fire the emotional dragon reared its ugly head again …’,  were the chains of fear and anxiousness returning?  No.

What happened at that point was that the body armour came into its own, like a shield of positivity.  Rather than shrinking back into the dark, I stood tall; I stood brave and that’s when I realised the dragon was no longer holding me captive.  In fact, it was now an ally fuelling my passion to help others tame their dragons. 

This is the beginning of my story.  Follow me on my adventures as I delve into the world of dragons, demons, wizards and more.

Are you ready to meet your dragons head on?

Are you ready to start taming your dragon within?