Drashti Bhalani

The 25-year-old is already a freelance jewellery designer, event planner and full-time blogger.

It is wondrous to learn about individuals and professionals from across fields and sectors of the world who exude pure passion and commitment towards making it huge in their chosen industries. Today, more and more women have come to the forefront of several industries and driven them to an exponential level of growth and success. When it comes to creative and artistic abilities, women have always shone brighter and have proved why they deserve to be known as the best bets in those industries. We came across one such highly driven and passionate professional named Drashti Bhalani, who turned her dreams into a reality with her astute visions and ideas, thrusting forward as a creative soul.

Wondering who is Drashti Bhalani? Well, this young Indian talent is all about her passion, her love for creating and her quest to make it huge across all the things she chooses to lay her hands on. From a very early age, Drashti Bhalani was attracted to all things creative and realized how she was meant to do so much in her life. Hence, she always made sure to turn her ideas into actions and ultimately into her reality. This very attitude and confidence to do what her heart desires have led her to create her unique name across niches.

Drashti Bhalani today stands tall as a passionate freelance jewellery designer. She is also an event planner with Kaaryam Events, and to top that; she has even aced the game of social media as a full-time blogger and influencer with her content focused on lifestyle, travel, and fashion. She loves ethnic wear over anything and supports Make in India. Talking about herself, Drashti Bhalani says that she is passionate about her work and loves all that she does. Travelling is also something that has constantly motivated her to do better. Apart from that, she calls herself a highly organized person who takes notes and uses a series of tools for helping herself to stay on top of the deadlines.

Drashti Bhalani aims to become a travel blogger and loves to look out for opportunities that can challenge and inspire her to achieve greatness. As a content creator, she self-taught herself how to edit pictures and videos for enhancing the quality of her feed. In addition, she loves meeting new people and learning about their lives and their backgrounds.

Drashti Bhalani, who got married earlier this year, has been giving it her all to make it huge as a blogger, jewellery designer and event planner. To know more, follow her on Instagram @luxuryindians.