There was an interesting event that I participated – free graffiti session. I reached the studio early, managed to grab a quick breakfast with the 2 hosts before joining the events, and thus getting a better understanding on the event’s objective. It’s an “Art Jamming” event where featuring at ladies, particularly mothers, on how far can she goes beyond her natural upbringings and let go the emotions.

Arriving at the studio, joining the mother club in the drawing session. 2 big wide cloths were put up on the wall, ready to be filled. In the session, we (the participated mothers) were told to colour the cloths freely, sprayed the “colour-juice”, using whatever methods we would to have fun, main objective is to dirty the paint subject in letting go the emotions.

“You cannot find peace by avoiding life.” Virginia Wolf

Though the procedure may sound simple, the mothers stared at the white cloths (while-clean in fact), it’s pretty hard to start messing it up with all the muddled paints, it allows us to be a kid, have fun but somehow, I find that most mother, she tends to allow her “self-cultivation” to shape her actions – do we really need to behave like a lady all the time? Shall we kept worried about the mess created later and all the cleaning-up required? Can’t we not be an adult for just a day?

“Art says things that sometimes words cannot elaborate it enough”

I observed most ladies worried for the impact, rather than clicking on to enjoy the experience – It’s hard to let go sometimes, or it’s the forgotten skills to let go? This then again lead me to realize, women and men are different, diverse in brain structure, separated design blueprint which may cause varies in emotional behaviours. Women and men are different in many ways. They see the world through completely different perspectives. Women connect through conversation (we just need to talk, or someone to listen to), while men connection was through action. Women uses communication to discover how she is feeling and what it is she wants to say, rather than throw it out by action.

Finally, With some encouragement and background music, the mothers were carrying on with the colour splash at last. After the 1st trial, within an hour, mothers were producing a massive art craft together. 

Before heading home, all mothers were get-together, sharing bout motherhood and learning from each other. The talking session was fruitful and good bonding with all mothers. Will like to thank the hosts for allowing the painting to say, most important, allowing the mothers to break from a weekend routine, a time for herself, every moment is a chance to let go, have fun and enjoy. As for me, it’s my first wall-painting, will definitely click it to my memories.

Something that I have taken home:

“Do you know? Art, is something that is inspired by profound?”

“Do you know? Some of the best works in history were created from Art?”

“Do you know? Art is critical in crafting a child to think?”

1. Art gives us joy – Any kind of art can give happiness, it’s a positive energy release towards something favourable that one has produced.

2. Art promotes creative thinking – Arts helps children to express themselves better than a logical Math / Science. If children have pursued with design thinking or creative thinking, the thoughts process that has developed will come naturally to them now and in their future career.

3. Art improves academic performance – Learning how to make choices and decisions will certainly be a valuable skill in life. Focus thinking and critical thinking that the children learn will also spill over into academic achievement.

4. Art boosts confidence – Participating in the arts and making new creation often encourage the children to step out of their comfort zone. When improvement is noticed, children see their own progress, self-confidence will then be grown.

5. Art releases self-acceptance – Arts gives the child opportunity to showcase talent – It shows something special about us. Whether it is an engineering project, a new technology gadget, a science discovery, a sketch, a story telling or just a new way of doing things, art is created genuinely as if it’s our own. It’s the art novelty that highly increases our own self-acceptance.

6. Art facilitates self-expressed – Children are able to express themselves. A true artist will not shy away from the powerful emotions and experiences, as art helps to flow message, emotion, thoughts and experience.