There is something to be said about how we act or feel when we are overwhelmed and in a funk. During times like this, I feel the need to self-reflect and be grateful for what I have accomplished, and that would go for any of us.
I have been spending more time with friends this past week, and the topics of relationships, future, and self-being have been a common theme. I have noticed how we all our trying to figure out our shit one way or another. One moment, we feel like we “need” to be in a relationship. Another moment, we aren’t happy with how we look at ourselves in a mirror. My resolution to this is:


One way or another everything works out for the best. I do not believe things happen in life for a reason. However, I do believe they happen for some greater purpose. To have big dreams and feel the pressure and anxiety of making these dreams come true is perfectly normal. Take the word “if” and “no” out of your vocabulary when you score that dream job. Never accept a “no” from someone that comes in the way of your aspirations and goals. No one can teach us besides ourselves the importance of being balanced in all facets of our life

“Don’t work on always trying to be happy and embrace your emotions as they come in the moment.” I have seen and felt that its OK when we are on a high and a low as well. Always be grateful for what we have in the moment.

when we have it very good, we forget



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    I am a native of Winter Park, Florida. A graduate of Loyola University Chicago, I am presently living and working in San Francisco as a Web Content Producer, working in partnership with stakeholders across Timbuk2. I am responsible for the coordination and execution of Timbuk2 website related projects ensuring consistency with company strategy and business objectives. Working, dreaming and placing one foot in front of the other is the daily cadence. It’s exciting to muse about the next chapter in my life and the challenges and opportunities that will unfold. Life lessons fuel me every day to be more aware of my physical, mental and spiritual growth and development. Sharing my stories with friends and family brings such joy.   Excited and humbled when any of my stories help or inspire others.