The sky is the limit to what you can have! You just have to believe that in your heart, mind, and soul. I am currently writing this article in Abuja, Nigeria. I am not a native of this country. However, my dreams and aspirations are world wide. My vision was global even before I received any international opportunity. I believe in the power of manifestation. There is so much power in declaring things out of your mouth. However, you decide whether you will speak life or speak death. You decide whether you speak good things or bad things. I decided long time ago to speak life and believe it or not things began to happen.

Now I will say this. It is wonderful to dream big. However, you must also prepare for when the dream will manifest. It is incumbent upon you to study your craft. Read all the time. Prepare as if you will get an invitation to do something tomorrow. The manifestation of dreams comes to those who are adequately prepared and ready. So, their are some key steps you must take in the process of Dreaming Big.

Step 1

First you must have a dream. You must formalize in your mind something that you desire or want. Don’t put limitations on that. I say Dream Big! You deserve the best like any other individual. It does not matter what birth lineage you come from. It does not matter what your race or gender is. Just dream big. Take the time to gaze in the stars and get the dream out into the atmosphere. Bring the dream from your soul and then be sure to write it down on paper.

Step 2

Now that you have the dream in the crevices of your heart and in the oracles of your mind believe that it will happen. No dream is too big and dreams do come true. You have to find a way to believe that. Don’t feel that your dream is too lofty or far fetched. I assure you it is not. I had a dream to be a global leader as I stated earlier in this article that I am currently writing this article in Abuja, Nigeria with the HIVE Africa Global Leaders Program. I am living proof that what you believe will come true. I declared to the heavens and I wrote it down. Then when it was time it manifested.

Step 3

Be prepared! These two words resonate in my mind from one of my favorite movies The Lion King. We must be prepared when a great opportunity comes. We must prepare to receive the dream. Preparation will collide with your dreams. So take a class, read, attend a program, enroll in school or a training course, or find a mentor. These are all great preparation tools.

Dreams will manifest

But it is a process

So go through each test

There is no set time frame

for when dreams will come true

but daily work on doing and becoming the best

Because dreams do manifest

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