Life is like a shopping center.

With our mind we shop.

With our mind we also browse the catalogs of the universe.

Like browsing the Internet to see stuff that we want to buy.

When our thoughts are focused on one subject, we are in the aisle of that subject.

In what aisle of the shopping center do you want to go?

When I go to a big store, you never see me in the tools section, or the paramedical section. You see me in the clothing department, or in the house decoration department, because it’s generally what I am interested in buying.

So if you’re not interested in buying war for your family, why do you keep browsing the Internet and reading papers about war zones in the world?

If you’re not interested in being cut in half by a serial killer or shot at a concert, why do you keep reading everything you can find about mass crimes in the past year?

And first of all, what can you afford?

Can you afford to be shot in the head tomorrow? How would your family survive?

So decide what you really want for your life! What can you afford that would give you and your family happiness and satisfaction?

Can you afford having your spouse and your children in good health?

Can you afford starting a low-stress job and having more free time while getting a higher pay?

Can you afford the peace of mind of knowing that each month your passive income is growing?

Can you afford happiness knowing that God has your back?

So stop going into the wrong stores of the shopping center.

Get some discipline.

When I go to the mall in the spring to prepare for the beach, I am going to focus on finding a really nice bathing suit and some cool dresses.

Do I look at the cockroach bait that day? No… I don’t even think about the cockroaches that may be walking in my kitchen at night.

I am focused on finding the best bathing suit. I will go to the mall three times in a row to finally find it!

I will focus on what I really want!

My mind is a freaking mega mall!

Not only can I find in it everything that exists, but also things that don’t yet exist!

What do I want?

Well, I want a really nice wooden dining table. I have seen some, but they are really expensive. Now… should I get sad about it and just  wander in the shopping center of my mind and suddenly arrive in the psych drug department and think, “I should go to the doctor to get some medication to relax and feel better”? No… If I want a nice dining table, and I can’t find one that’s affordable in the real world, I need to stay in the dining table department of my mind. Visualize the dining table, browse the Internet, go to thrift stores, focus! Forget about it for a while if I need to, come back to it, create a burning desire of the dining table, glue a picture of my dream dining table on my vision board; anything I can do to stay in the dining table department of my mind! My mind is the mega mall for everything I want and need in life.

Sometimes I’m going to find what I’m looking for right away. And sometimes it’s going to take minutes, hours, days, months, and years… But I know that if I stay in the right aisle, I’m going to find it, because it exists there! And if it does not exist yet, it’s going to be co-created by me and the universe, and that’s why sometimes it takes longer!

When you go to a store with no list, you wander and end up buying many things you don’t need… right?

So make a list! Make a list of what you really, really want!

And then don’t spend your budget on buying other things. By budget here I mean attention, time, and money that you spend on things other than those that you really, really want.

Giving your attention to things that you don’t need or want is like going to a real store and spending your money on buying things you don’t need or want.

It’s that simple.

Think about it.

Let’s say you want to be a professional dancer, and you spend all your free time watching football on TV or going to football practice.What’s going to happen? You’ll spend all your dream money on things you don’t really care about. You are going to be poor. It’s what people who aren’t actively progressing in the direction of their dreams are. Poor.

Richness is not measured only in real money, but also in personal satisfaction. Later in life, at age 40, all your Dream Dollars would have been spent on watching football, which wasn’t really your passion. 

You need to invest your Dream Dollars in the right place.

Now, the next time a friend invites you somewhere and you know that you don’t really want to go and the only reason you’re going is to make them happy, think about all the Dream Dollars that you are going to lose…

If you shift your thinking today and see your dreams as a commodity, an investment in the future, you are going to change your life.

This course you wanted to take at the university and you’ve been postponing for years because of this or that, does it belong to the right store department where you shop for your dreams? If it does, sign up for it, now. Make space on your schedule to attend it. Invest in yourself.

Stop opening Facebook fifty times a day to read everyone’s life! Get your own! Does that really contribute towards achieving what you want? Each time you troll Facebook aimlessly, you become poorer and poorer. And notice, I say aimlessly. If you use Facebook with definite purposes, that’s different. 

Last thing. When you’re shopping, do you have fun? Because it should be fun.

If you’re in a store shopping for a handbag, or at the dealership shopping for a car, is it fun? Because if it isn’t fun, perhaps you’re in the wrong aisle. Find out what’s wrong… Maybe it’s your mom, dad, or best friend who used to shop there. Be alert! Follow your feelings. They will guide you. And the beauty of mind shopping is that you don’t need real dollars; you just need Dream Dollars. And those you can magically print at any time. It’s like having the Aladdin magic lamp. 

Those dreams will become reality if you continue browsing for them; both in reality and with your mind.

Dream Dollars have always been the real commodity. They’ve just been overlooked.

You are rich.  You just need to dream more. Focus on those dreams. The more you dream, the richer you’ll get.

The trick is to notice when you go off track, and then get back on track before you spend your Dream Dollars on other useless stuff or on other people’s dreams.

Often, when we realize that, it seems too late.

If that’s true, stop right here.

Write down what you really want.

Then go in the right aisle of your mind.

Start shopping.

Print some more Dream Dollars.

You are going to get wealthy.

Beyond your own imagination!