“If you don’t go after what you want, it won’t come to you and you will never have it.” – Valerie Cheers Brown

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Strange title, hey? Yes, DNA is passed from your mother to yourself, but I am speaking of a much more highly different kind of DNA called “Dream Now Always!”

Which parent do you inherit DNA from?

Your genome is inherited from your parents, half from your mother and a half from your father.  Genetically, you actually carry more of your mother’s genes than your father’s. That’s because of little organelles that live within your cells, the mitochondria, which you only receive from your mother.

But, I wanted to have a bit of Mother’s Day fun with you and so the acronym for DNA will be: Dream Now Always

When I think of ‘dream now always‘ I think of my mother and this is happening right now with me at the present time in my life. My mom had to be a big dreamer to make all of the beautiful outfits without a pattern and was she ever so creative in anything she touched you knew Ruth Muriel Cheers, “Design by Ruth,” had something to do with it when you saw her work! I am so proud to say this was our mom!

My mom & dad would take us on a family drive out to Frontenac Plaza and as a child, I thought this place was only for rich people and when I think of it and still do, the Cheers Family were rich because we were blessed with a good family and good family values teaching us about what hard work and the values would bring into your family life!

I and my siblings were very blessed to never know a time when anything was ever disconnected, i.e. lights, gas, etc. or bill collectors coming or calling our parents, never!

Yes, we were rich & blessed and I am very grateful for such hard-working parents!

The reason I thought you had to be rich when a kid when going to Frontenac Plaza was because it had stores like Neiman Marcus, F&B (Your Famous & Barr charge card was accepted here), Saks Fifth Avenue, etc.

But, anyway, mom would tell us to show us her what we liked in Neiman Marcus’s kid’s department, and my smart and creative mom would draw the idea in her head and then go back home and made the dress, outfit, etc. without any pattern at all!

Yes, we were rich indeed for having such an awesome mother who bought us expensive and good shoes for our posture and since making our clothes she and daddy could then afford to take care of our posture by providing proper shoe wears for me and my siblings! When our shoes would wear out we thought we’d get another pair, but the shoes our parents bought us were able to be repaired and we learned about shoe repair early in life ;)!!!

When it came to ‘Dream Now Always,’ I think of my mother and she would always tell me to keep writing because she saw something which helped me to get what I wanted through expressing it in writing.

If my mother were alive today I know she would tell me to keep going and pursue my dreams and in a way she is still pushing me, because I feel her every step of the way that I take and it is when I take off with a story and just begin with nothing and turn it into something like she did with her sewing!

For those of you reading this: “Never stop believing in your dreams, never let your age stop you from doing anything you love doing,” and my mom would tell us this always. Thanks to my mom I guess this is why I never become bored by being isolated during the COVID 19 periods because there are plenty of things to occupy your time when you have God in your life and to have been raised by two hard-working parents who showed you what you could have when you work hard is endless!

No matter what I’ve been doing, my mom has always, always encouraged me to do what I love. She has always believed in me and she’s always helped me to believe in myself. It is because of her that I am writing right now — because she believed in my ability.

I was the eldest child, a pretty hard-headed kid, dyslexic, and asked lots of questions and sometimes I needed to listen more and probably as an adult still do, but with practice, I am getting better each day I wake to see another day! I just needed to encourage myself and stop listening to others sometimes and worrying about what others thought and think of me. My mom would tell me this a lot! I really thank both my parents, but on this day my mom, for having patience with me and I especially thank you for having other children because when they did not know how to help me, my sister Tam sure knew how!!!! 😉

To you, the reader, “Pursue your dreams, and if you love doing what you are doing go after what you want and when you go after what you want the rest will follow you eventually, not quick, but I’d imagine that soon as so famously stated, “the rest will be history.”

Happy Mothers Day mom and I feel you with me always when I fuss with one of my siblings 😉 lol Thank you for everything you instilled into me and my siblings. I may not have understood you back then, but anything is possible when you trust and have faith in God is what you taught us. And it may have taken me some time to listen to you and God and in order to hear you must listen. You taught us that in order to hear God speaking, you must also listen, but it is never too late to listen to God and actually not too late to listen to what you taught me!

I love you so much mom and I am so blessed and I especially thank God for Him each and every single day before my feet hit the floor for all that He does beginning with waking me up most importantly, assigning you to be the one giving and passing down your DNA to me and my siblings. I will be remembering for the rest of my life that “Dreaming Now Always” is yours when you work hard and go after what you want in life!

Happy Mothers Day to all of the mothers out there and please stay safe!


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    I am a proud mother, grandmother, published author, Advocate for The Children's Health Defense (child advocate),  well-being & health awareness, Swedish Posture Vertical Backpack inventor &  God introduced me to alkaline water in 2010 while I changed my water & changed life in 2010, no longer needing prescription drugs, only God's healing foods, plants, & trees instead prescription drugs. 17 published research papers at Academia.edu in over 3000 published books, famous authors, and cited in research journals all over the world,  few of my papers have been mentioned over 900 times from all over the world by famous authors, research papers authors of academia.edu,  My passion is writing ages 0-100 inspirational stories, researching finding out truths, and advocating for them to be heard. I am also a contributing writer for both Thrive Global and Sivana East!  I am an inventor of a first of its kind product, The Swedish Posture Vertical Backpack,  in the world which is presently being sold all over the world with over 200 investors, Activelifeusa.com partnering with us so can be purchased in the USA which is the 1st of a kind backpack addressing posture health awareness and when the good posture, good well being.  I have written hundreds of blogs published on how to improve the health & wellbeing for both children & adults.  I share my story of how I got myself off of disability and out of poverty to not having to worry ever again how or when I can travel around the world meeting my new friends & business colleagues!  I am working effortlessly using my God-given purpose of serving others, giving my work away to the universe,  waiting to see where God & my hard work takes me.  I love writing & researching and have written hundreds of motivational & inspirational stories & blogs.  I have hundreds of short stories that will be turned into a series of books one day!