Before we were women, we were girls. We dreamed, played make-believe, and knew that impossibilities were real. Imagination came natural to us. For a number of us, the world was an adventurous platform. In our friendships, during tea time and play time, we pretended to be Mommies, doctors, Sisters, and whomever it was of our choosing. And then, we did the inevitable. . .we grew up!

We grew up! We entered high school. Some of us went to college/university. Others attended trade school. And then some of us developed businesses, or traveled the world. Either way, we were women now, and it was time for us to “grow up.” Handling women’s issues and women’s business. Whatever girlplay we did during our childhood, we were reminded to leave it behind. Because in the world of working women, or the “big girl’s world,” you didn’t have time for the frivolties of childhood. Considered a waste of time, and “time is money,” right? Whatever dreams we may have had were thrown away once we entered the “real world.” Never to be thought of or heard from again. Yet, for some of us, going back to girlhood’s bliss is what we may need, in order to re-vitalize our world’s of womanhood. This is especially true, when it comes to our careers, ambitions, and everything that we aspired to in life.

There is a lot of wisdom that lays in girlhood. Lots of magic and a wealth of creative genius. Whoever told us that we couldn’t bring that with us, as we grew up? Whoever told us that we had to leave that behind? Much beauty and nourishment is to be partaken in the little girls within every woman. How can we return back to her, in order to re-claim stolen/lost dreams? What lessons can she teach the grown woman in us? There are so many beauties awaiting to be re-examined and re-explored in the little girl in us? Its time that we retreat, find her, visit, and play with her again.


Tea Time With the Girls, Again!

There is nothing outdated in planning tea parties with other women. Whether they be friends, or fellow colleagues. Get dressed up and have a tea party. It reminds you that you can bring creativity and pretend to be a princess, even if you are not there. . .yet! And, that’s the beauty of it. Pretending allows you to keep that motivation and inspiration alive. You are allowed to experience a knowing that if you continue, soon you will get to that place. That place of success. That place of happiness. That place of romantic bliss. That place of spiritual wellness and healing. Enjoy many tea times, in order to celebrate the beginning of a lifetime.

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Keep Dolls Around

Do you remember that scene in “Toy Story 2,” when the cowgirl reminesces on being abandoned by her former childhood friend? Well, haven’t we all had that moment in our childhood when we got “too old” to have dolls around or play with them? Silly us. Too bad we got caught up in the ageist mentality when we thought growing up meant that we deviate from the power of “playing.” One of the auspicious things about playing with dolls is that they teach us how we are supposed to treat feminine Beings. How we are to see everyone woman or girlchild, that we come across! When we played with our dolls, we fed her, dressed her, spoke to them with gentility. We made sure that all of their needs were taken care of. Perhaps, if all women returned to playing with their dolls, we could cut down on all of the jealousy and envy, which too often happens when women pass each other. If women carried their dolls, they could also practice being courteous to every woman, whom they encountered. The point is that our dolls taught us valuable lessons! Valuable lessons in how to care for other women and girls, while also celebrating oneself.

Slumber Parties Never Go Out Of Style

Yes! Slumber parties! Do you remember how excited we were to spend the night over each other’s homes during the weekend? Who ever said that had to stop? Marriage? Kids? “Growing up, again?” How fun work would be if female colleagues dedicated a weekend out of the year to have a slumber party? Deciding whose home it would be, and using it for bonding. So, not only is it part of a way to get comfortable with your co-workers, but it also improves team strategy and cooperation in the workforce. That’s a beautiful thing to think about. All of the cards are out on the table. Trust can be built, and you can have fun, while doing it.

Girl Play

We all remember those games we took during elementary school. Those too, had their lessons to teach us. They were beautiful and gave us the joy of feeling that we were engaging with others. Building friendships and allowing our self-esteem and self-confidence to flourish. Bring those back to the office routine. During breaktime, grab yourself and other women (and men who want to participate) and play. Tag. Duck, Duck, Goose. Red Rover. For Black American urban dames, we remember Hula Hoopin.’ Double Dutch. Little Sally Walker. Other hand games that we played. Bring those back into the office setting. Learn to appreciate and value those memories. Not only did they have a message to state, but they also taught strategies. Strategies which can be used for any company planning or development.

Dress Up and Make Pretend

Whether its with female colleagues, friends, or familiy members, have a day where you dress up like your favorite SuperShero or fictional character. Bring the world of imagination and make-believe to the office, home with the girls, or other arena. Pretending to be another character for one day gives us that incentive to tap into our creativity. You are never “too old” to dress up for pretend or make-believe. Enjoy the energy that comes with it. It reminds you not to take life, or yourself, so seriously.


Watch Childhood Movies or Television Shows

Watch all of the Disney classics, or whatever movies that were popular during that time. Allow that to remind you of the times when you woke up on an early Saturday morning to watch ABC’s latest cartoons. Those slumber parties when you all stayed up to watch the recent film that had been out. There were many lessons to be learned from them. Have a film night with fellow girls at the office, or watch them during that annual slumber party. Watch them , and learn!

That little girl in each and every woman is going to continue to be our guide. Its been a long time since some of us have checked in with her. Yet, she is still there. Always there and tapping onto our hearts as reminders for when we grown women need to slow down and re-group. It is a plus for all of us! And the great thing is that she is always there, ready for us, when we need to talk. Its never too late to communicate with her. So, hold onto her nice and tight. Make sure that she is nurtured and loved. It is she who has the keys and solutions for our evolution in our womanhood. How we can improve ourselves. What we need to improve upon! Any childhood pains that we need to return to, in order to heal from present traumas. It is she who reveals the source of our problems. It is she who leaves the imprints and clues in how we can evolve from those pains once and for all. And should we ever be in doubt, confused, or frustrated, just run to her. Run with open arms and she will be right there waiting for you-that little girl, in YOU!

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