Photo by Nik Shuliahin on Unsplash

If you’ve ever had thoughts like “maybe I should just forget doing this and just follow the traditional way of getting a job so I can get paid” while you’re working on your precious dreams, I want to let you know that you’re not alone.

Perks of chasing your dreams like; waking up earlier, spending most of your time alone working and researching, while everyone else is going out to have fun, can cause mental stress or cause anyone to think about giving up in the process, especially when they’re not seeing tangible results.

But as someone who wants more from life, you know giving up on your dreams will never bring you peace of mind, talk more of the future vision or life you’ve been cherishing in your heart for some time now.

So, below are four areas that almost everyone working on their dreams usually finds difficult when starting out, alongside ways to triumph during these times;

1. Early Morning Alarms

When we read and watch motivational videos, we’re told to set our alarms 2 hours earlier. And at 5 a.m when the alarm starts ringing, 90% of the mind tells us to hit snooze or completely ignore it. “because we can always do that thing we want to do now later or even live without it”.

So how do you feel like you’re not robbing yourself of the precious sleep when the alarm rings? First, remind yourself that no one in history has achieved their dreams from sleeping while they’re supposed to work.

Therefore, when your alarm rings, remind yourself that the reason you set the alarm is to do things that will help you live the life that you see on Instagram or always dream about and even get it faster.

2. Making Decisions and Taking Actions

The great leaders of the world are men and women of quick decision – Napoleon Hill.

Here’s something we do not really acknowledge. By not making a decision to do something, we’ve made a firm decision not to do that thing. If we don’t make the decision to go to the gym, we’re unconsciously making a decision to remain how we are. Because without a doubt, if we don’t go to the gym, we will not get into that shape we constantly carry in our heads.

So, as someone who has a goal, first, decide your primary action and focus on that. If you’re a writer, your primary action is researching and writing. Focusing and dwelling on how many views or likes your new blog got will not help you become a better writer. So, know your goal, decide to do the primary actions and actually do them.

3. Acceptance and Reality

The sun will always shine, but the sun doesn’t shine all the time. There’s a season for everything. In life, everything is a compliment for the other.

If you’ve never cried, you won’t know the beauty of being happy and smiling.

Bad days are not the end of life. Clients not responding to your pitch doesn’t mean you should give up. It means you should do more. Someday soon if you keep working and putting in continuous effort, bad days will surely turn good days. Then your joy will know no bound.

If you ever want to give up, remember this speech from Earl Nightingale. “For every profession someone is thinking of leaving, someone else is looking for ways to get into.” Meaning there’s a lot for you if you don’t give up.

4. See the Tree for The Forest

There’s always this thought of “I’m not good enough, I wish I was as good as he is” that comes when we’re not getting results. If you still consider yourself an ordinary being, you’re bound to get ordinary results.

Yes, when we’re starting, we’re amateurs or average. No one was born a master. They all started small, holding on to the thought that they will become bigger someday soon.

Remember that Serena William, Cristiano Ronaldo, Ariana Huffington did not start as great people. They all started small, but today they’re all superstars. Because they constantly carried thoughts that they were bigger than what they were.

Apply these four tricks and you’ll witness an increase in your performance and better results too.