“I need to lose weight. I don’t feel comfortable in my clothes.” These are the main complaints I hear from the greater number of my clients during a style consult. It’s sad that all women are feeling the same thing, yet it seems as though we all think we’re the only ones down on ourselves. It’s no help that living in a social media “fake news” world that we all feel as though we don’t measure up to a non-idealistic standard. Here’s the reality of what I tell women on a daily basis: ”You are not defined by a number on a size tag.”

I’ve worked in all aspects of the fashion industry, including the production of clothing, and one thing I educate women on is how every single garment or brand has different sizing specs, which match to their ideal customer and fit model. Guess what? No one has the same exact measurement or shape, and the majority of women in America and Canada wear size 12-16, not size 2.

My style advice has been consistent over the years and really simple – choose outfits that make you look good and feel good without having to diet or exercise! Dress the body you’re in NOW.

Just call me The Mindful Stylist! My approach is all about working in the NOW to represent the best you every day, including today. As someone who practices mindfulness, I apply these techniques when styling real women, bringing attention to the present moment. Don’t wait to feel worthy of a number on a size tag. Every day, I hear the same intentions of going to the gym and losing weight to look good. I’m here to tell you that the number one secret is in the clothes you choose. You can look ten pounds slimmer just by dressing your body shape and understanding cuts, fabrics and styles that will work well with your assets, while putting less emphasis on the parts that you’re not so keen on.

I think one of the first reasons that women hire me is because they are frustrated getting dressed every day. They basically have lost all patience, and that’s when they turn to me to educate them on obtaining a wardrobe that works for their lifestyle, body shape and career goals. Obviously, hiring a personal stylist is not everyone’s first choice – but consider how much time and money are wasted on hours shopping, clothes unworn and buying the wrong items. Time is very valuable in our extremely busy lives.

Why is Personal Style so Important?

By defining yourself in your own style, you’ll gain respect and confidence in the body you’re in NOW. Having the knowledge to dress your body shape creates a visual balance which, in turn, is appealing to the eye. Don’t forget that style reflects who you are without having to speak.

If you’re not ready to go the route of hiring a stylist, you can also find a plethora of tools and websites all geared to helping women figure out their specific body type. I offer a free download on my website to figure out your body shape in a few simple steps.

Starting off spring with a positive body image will make you feel like a million bucks and help you gain the confidence you need!