Improving Productivity With Employee Monitoring

Since the industrial revolution, companies have tried almost everything to increase employee performance and productivity. Policies to improve production rates prove pointless without also tackling employee motivation – but keeping employees inspired day after day requires meticulous administration. One of the best ways to improve workplace efficiency is to closely monitor your employees’ behaviour to create policies that will motivate your workforce and reward hard workers and achievers. Thankfully, today’s technology makes it easy to gather a plethora of information about how your business operates and how your employees behave on the job. Personal locators, vehicle tracking devices and mobile asset trackers provide a surprising amount of information – the GPS and telematics data can reveal your employees’ commitment to their work as well as ways to increase their efficiency.

Employee Monitoring Charts

Let’s take a look at some of the ways behaviour monitoring can help you manage and motivate your workforce and increase productivity.

1- Safer Work Environment

Field managers have a responsibility to enforce safety policies that create a secure environment for employees. However, workplace safety can also have a direct impact on productivity, especially in industries with significant occupational dangers. Many duties are impeded when employees don’t feel safe performing them; for example, service agents performing maintenance on elevated platforms could be seriously injured – or worse – on account of a simple oversight or minor mistake. Naturally, such work can only be completed at maximum efficiency when workers feel completely safe. Multiple studies from the UK have demonstrated that occupational health and safety programmes have direct financial benefits through cost savings and increased revenue.

2- Employee Performance Reports

By tracking the performance of personnel and their progress over time, businesses can provide individualised performance reports to their employees. As well as letting your staff know how they measure up, these reports can help employees identify their strengths and weaknesses, helping them develop into more productive and satisfied workers. And, identifying and attending to those lagging behind can only help them improve in the future.

Employee Motivation
Ways to Motivate Employees

3- Recognise and Reward Successful Employees

Acknowledging high-performing employees and rewarding their hard work is great for promoting motivation in the workplace and encouraging personnel to perform better. In a recent study, participants stated that they felt more engaged at work when they received words of encouragement or praise from a colleague. Reminding your employees that they are appreciated and offering rewards like bonuses, paid time off and other incentives can encourage them to strive for more than their monthly paycheck.

4- Continuous Feedback

Employees are more motivated when their actions in the workplace have an evident impact. Whether they are helping your business, your customers, or society at large, it’s important to let them know that their actions are making a difference. It’s almost impossible to keep records of all your staff’s positive actions, but adopting a system that provides continuous feedback can help to motivate your staff in new and innovative ways.

Behaviour Monitoring using Telematics Data and Business Management Systems

Telematics and GPS tracking devices are fantastic for collecting information about your business and employees. Not only do they collect a vast amount of data, they typically feed into a business management system that makes analysing the data easy. Fleet management systems are heavily used in the transport and logistics industries – fleet drivers are well-known for circumventing their planned routes and making unnecessary stops. But, a simple tracking device can detect such behaviour and help you get ahead of such issues. Any business with a mobile workforce can monitor and manage their behaviour to identify factors that are affecting job completion rates or overall productivity. Telematics data and driver performance reports provide accurate and actionable data to help managers motivate personnel and make informed decisions. They are essential for ensuring drivers comply with company policies and follow traffic rules. And, with continuous use, it is simple to identify the employees that are performing their best – and those that are performing below company standards.

Tracking and Management Interface


Improving employee satisfaction and increasing business productivity are top priorities for every business. Behaviour analysis tools offer valuable insights to help boost employee morale and motivate them towards their goals. Telematics and GPS tracking devices provide all the necessary information to develop new policies that will encourage employee productivity. Using the management software, you can generate individualised performance reports or even provide continuous feedback to workers and drivers, and finally identify and eliminate the obstacles preventing your workforce from reaching optimum performance.