Are you a different person behind the wheel of your car?

Are you a middle finger person?

Would you like to change your responses when someone violates your space?

Does your blood pressure go through the roof of the car?

Is it always the other guy’s fault?

Have you ever caused an accident?

Should someone have to take an anger management course before getting a license?

Do you always signal?

Are you courteous while driving?

If you were teaching a course in driving, what three things would you tell your students?

Do you text and drive?

Do you get upset if you see another driver, on the phone, or distracted in another way?

How do you deal with tailgating?

Are you competitive behind the wheel of your car?

Should there be a national 911-type telephone number to report egregious driving behavior?

Do you try to avoid contentious situations?

Think about the above questions, and think about how the answers could really put you in the driver’s seat behind the wheel of your car?

What better way to Thrive?

Let’s hear your comments. Your feelings. A great way to start a dialogue between you and others.