That’s when it’s effortless…to ask and simply receive.

It’s what I believe we all deserve!

In a state of BEING and therefore KNOWING there is nothing in the way. Clear your cells and activate the frequency to simply attract what you want. No blocks, limits, time. There is nothing to TRY and DO. You just simply get to BE in the love and the light and just play and BOOM RECEIVE IT!

Weight to lose.

Money to make.

Things to accomplish.

Rules to abide by.

Standards to live up to.

Approval to seek.

Exhausting right? Because it’s all part of the identity that you create that in turn isolates you from just being in the moment…full, whole and worthy. It becomes so deeply familiar that to let go of it may feel terrifying. It is unknown. What if you let go of the struggle to lose weight, the rules you follow, the hard work you do to get the money, the approval you seek…what if you let go of all of it…the past stories…Who would you be then?

Present. Peaceful. Aware. Unattached. Pure essence. Compassionate.

Check out my video here for some deep tips on how to drop your BS stories and end your suffering…