Isolating at home is indeed an effective way to protect you from infection and stop the spread of Covid19 through droplets that float in the air when an infected person speak, cough or sneeze. However, staying at home for a prolonged time with minimal opportunities of moving out can make people feel sick and stifled, like living in prison. It will make them depressed, and they would find it hard to come out from the caged-feeling that adversely affects their health, both physical and mental.

Trying to adjust to the new lifestyle is an arduous task that poses too many challenges. There is an urgent need to come out from the rut by staying physically active at home and feels Sarahbeth Hartlage. When you maintain a certain level of physical activity, the body and mind feel rejuvenated that induces a positive frame of mind.

Staying active is the best way to overcome the gloom, and the following tips should come in handy.

Daily exercises is must, says Sarahbeth Hartlage

Exercising daily is what WHO recommends, and with minimal efforts, you can achieve the weekly target of 75-150 minutes of exercise that keeps you healthy and improves immunity. Working out for 15-20 minutes a day should not be a problem, and you can select the exercises that you can perform within the small spaces without any other resources, tools, or accessories. Although it is better to follow a fixed routine of daily exercise, you can keep it flexible, too, provided you do it at some time during the day. Whenever you feel convenient, start exercising, this will also relax you from the monotony.  Since the objective is to stay physically active, even if you miss your exercise session occasionally, get involved in housekeeping or gardening or play with your kids, serving the purpose.

Walk daily

To keep up with your walking schedules despite not venturing outside, think creatively, and you will indeed find some way to do it inside your home.  Fix a target distance of one or two kilometers and start doing several rounds of your house, covering corner to corner to make the targeted distance. Another way is to stand in one place and imitate the walking movements for some time like a mime artist, which can fulfill your quota of walking. Whenever you get an opportunity to walk outdoors, take its advantage but with the necessary safety and precaution like wearing a mask and staying at least 6 feet away from the nearest person.

Sit and stand alternately

When working at home, avoid sitting for long stretches and take interim breaks for a brief while standing up, strolling around, and looking at the surroundings with eagerness and interest like being at a new place. Maintain a cycle of sitting and standing so that the stressed body muscles can recover and prevent back pain. Simultaneously, the refreshed and rejuvenated mind encourages you to get back to work with renewed energy.

Never miss any opportunity to relax and as it relieves the mental stress and keeps you in the right frame of mind.