I was recently talking to a friend of mine who happens to be the President of CanRelieve, a company that sells CBD products. During our conversation, he told me that sales for his CBD Gummy Bear product were going through the roof because millennials were buying it up in droves to cope with stress.

“I guess that’s one way,” I thought to myself. My mind continued, “If only all of these young people were given clear glimpses of their own deaths at the beginning of their lives, how different they, their choices, and their stress levels might be.” An odd thought, I know, but I hasten to guess that, that awakening would spark many others, several extremely beneficial.

There is so much beauty this world holds that we choose or have been trained to look past simply to “keep up.” We buy into the notion that we are not in control of the stress in our lives or rather, how we allow it to impact us. But we are.

I am certain, every dead person, given they had the opportunity to rise from the grave, would laugh at our own silliness then offer to switch places with each and every one of us. That constant fight with your mother-in-law, that idiot boss that drives you crazy, and even that enormous hospital bill demanding to be paid would all be welcomed occurrences as opposed to stressed over because it means they are above ground — a much better place to be than where they are currently.

Dead people would tell millennials that most things ‘work out’ or ‘can wait’. They’d tell them to worry about their health more and “things,” less. And they’d tell them to be grateful for each day, both the good and the bad, because every one of them is precious.

Millennials need to look at life through a clearer, larger lens to cope with stress and relax. CBD products may be in vogue today. There may even be a true place for them, long term. That said, don’t overlook a good old-fashioned walk among the trees with your kid, yoga, acupuncture, journaling, music therapy, and just the understanding that a time will come when you won’t be able to do any of these things again.

That’s the only reality worth stressing over and not letting go.